Victorian Premier pours cold water on unvaxxed stars

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A determination connected whether unvaccinated players volition beryllium allowed to enactment successful January's Australian Open is inactive nary person to being made aft Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said helium expected each players arriving successful the state "to beryllium double-vaxxed".

Earlier today, a leaked email to Women's Tennis Association (WTA) players revealed determination would beryllium conditions that would enactment the information of unvaccinated players successful the archetypal Grand Slam of 2022.

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The email stated that unvaccinated players tin get successful Australia immoderate clip aft December 1, but volition request to acquisition a mandatory two-week hard edifice quarantine play portion besides submitting to regular COVID-19 testing.

As it stands, nonrecreational athletes wishing to vie successful their respective sports indispensable beryllium vaccinated successful Victoria arsenic portion of the state's vaccine mandate.

Reigning Australian Open men's champion Novak Djokovic is yet to uncover his vaccination presumption (Getty) (Getty)

Following the leaked email, the Victorian Premier was asked astir the matter.

"You effort getting into the US … astir of Europe, really, [and] truthful galore antithetic parts of Asia if you haven't been vaccinated," Mr Andrews told ABC radio.

"Like, you're conscionable not getting a visa - wherefore would that beryllium antithetic here?"

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Uncertainty for non-vaccinated Australian Open players

Mr Andrews confirmed planetary players would participate Australia nether a enactment oregon visitant visa and said helium expected those who privation to travel to Australia to beryllium vaccinated.

"I don't deliberation it's excessively overmuch to say, if you privation 1 of those visas, and you privation to travel here, past you request to beryllium double-vaxxed," Mr Andrews added.

"All the radical who are watching the tennis astatine the Australian Open, they're going to beryllium double-vaxxed, each the radical that enactment determination are going to beryllium double-vaxxed.

"It stands to crushed that if you privation to get into the state to beryllium portion of that tournament, past you should beryllium double-vaxxed arsenic well."

It remains to beryllium seen whether reigning men's Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic makes the trip.

Djokovic said past week that helium did not cognize whether helium would question to Australia for the tourney and refused to uncover his vaccination status.

The 2022 Australian Open is scheduled to commence astatine Melbourne Park connected January 17 and volition tally done to the men's singles last connected January 30.

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