Ben Affleck says negative reaction to Stern interview 'hurts my feelings'

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(CNN)Ben Affleck is trying to acceptable the grounds straight.

After giving an expansive interrogation connected Howard Stern's vigor show, Affleck faced backlash over immoderate of the comments helium made astir his matrimony to histrion Jennifer Garner and however their troubles contributed to his alcoholism, saying if they hadn't divided successful 2015, "I'd astir apt inactive beryllium drinking."

"It's portion of wherefore I started drinking," Affleck told Stern. "Because I was trapped."

    Affleck went connected "Jimmy Kimmel Live" connected Wednesday to clarify his statements.

      "I would ne'er privation my kids to deliberation I would ever accidental a atrocious connection astir their mom," helium told Kimmel.

      Affleck shares 3 children with Garner.

      Affleck said aft investigating wherefore what helium thought was a "honest" interrogation was causing a stir, helium came to reason that his words had been turned into "clickbait."

      "They had, literally, taken the speech I had for 2 hours and made it look arsenic if I was saying the nonstop other of what I said," helium said. "I had gone connected and said, like, however overmuch we respect each different and cared astir each different and cared astir our kids and enactment them archetypal and went done our stuff. And they said I had blamed my ex woman for my alcoholism and that I was 'trapped' and conscionable made maine retired to beryllium the worst, astir insensitive, anserine atrocious guy."

      He added: "It's not true. I don't judge that. It's the nonstop other of who I americium and what I believe."

        "The Last Duel" prima and Garner announced their breakup 1 time aft their 10th day and it took astir 2 years earlier they filed for divorce. Both person spoken multiple times astir their collaborative attack to co-parenting their kids.

        After Kimmel pointed retired that Affleck was riled up by talking astir the subject, Affleck admitted, "It hurts my feelings, man."

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