Horizon Forbidden West: Sony backtracks on free PS5 upgrade

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(Pocket-lint) - Late past week Sony and Guerrilla Games took the wraps disconnected their plans for Horizon Forbidden West's merchandise packages - we already knew the game's merchandise date, 18 February 2022, but determination was plentifulness of caller accusation astir the antithetic editions and the collectables that would travel with them.

However, fans rightly saw consecutive done to the biggest spot of information, which was that the modular editions of Forbidden West wouldn't person a mode to upgrade a PS4 mentation to a PS5 version, if you were to get the next-gen console aft buying the game.

The lone announced mode would beryllium to splash retired connected the acold much costly constricted variation bundles to get some versions. That was met with a furore of disapproval, and it hasn't taken PlayStation agelong to respond. The announcement post has present been updated with a mates of cardinal commitments.

Firstly, anyone who buys the PS4 mentation of Horizon Forbidden West volition get entree to the PS5 mentation for free, contempt Sony's archetypal committedness connected this beforehand being constricted to motorboat titles for the caller console. Secondly, going guardant each first-party games connected PS5 that besides person PS4 versions volition beryllium accessible done a $10 upgrade fee, alternatively than it being locked down costly editions.

That really means that successful cases similar Forbidden West's, it'll beryllium cheaper to bargain the PS4 mentation and get the PS5 mentation for escaped than to bargain the afloat next-gen version, which is simply a funky situation. However, this looks similar a spot of a one-off that'll beryllium antithetic for aboriginal games similar God of War Ragnarok and others down the line.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 6 September 2021.

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