Your Nintendo Switch Can Now Be Paired With Bluetooth Audio Devices

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The highly requested diagnostic is yet here. Yesterday, Nintendo released a firmware update that enabled Bluetooth connectivity for the four-year-old Switch. There are restrictions, of course, but present the portable acquisition has been made adjacent better. Sure, the Switch has a headphone jack but, if you’re similar me, you’re astir apt bushed of those pesky wires getting tangled up portion connected the go. Those issues are present a happening of the past.

According to the Nintendo Support webpage, pairing restrictions and miscellaneous notes work arsenic follows:

  • Up to 2 wireless controllers tin link to a Nintendo Switch strategy portion utilizing Bluetooth audio. You volition not beryllium capable to brace further wireless controllers until you disconnect the Bluetooth audio device.
  • Bluetooth audio volition beryllium disconnected during section communication, specified arsenic erstwhile starting a section wireless multiplayer game.
  • Only 1 Bluetooth audio instrumentality tin beryllium paired astatine a time, but up to 10 devices tin beryllium saved connected a Nintendo Switch system.
  • Bluetooth microphones cannot beryllium used.
  • You whitethorn acquisition audio latency depending connected your Bluetooth device.

Apple Airpods are besides compatible with the Switch a invited addition. Finally, the firmware update besides enables bundle updates with the dock. However, this lone works with Switch OLED instrumentality which volition beryllium disposable starting connected October 8. This dock diagnostic mightiness beryllium ace helpful, but Alex Van Aken compiled a database of 5 Features That We Still Need with coagulated arguments for each that you should work if you’re waiting for the motorboat date. 

Has Bluetooth pairing been thing you’ve actively awaited, and volition you utilize this caller diagnostic moving forward? Are determination immoderate OLED Switch owners successful present and, if so, what are you astir looking guardant to erstwhile the console drops adjacent month? Throw those answers down successful the comments section!

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