Xbox Series X finally has a 4K dashboard

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(Pocket-lint) - There's thing similar a bully bundle update to respire immoderate caller beingness into an operating system, and that's arsenic existent of games consoles arsenic immoderate different spot of tech. Xbox has conscionable deployed a bully update for its ain system, 1 that volition use to the Xbox Series X and S arsenic good arsenic the Xbox One.

However, its benefits aren't each coming to each system. For one, the Xbox Series X is the lone 1 getting a caller autochthonal solution for its dashboard, outputting astatine afloat 4K alternatively of an upscaled version. This should marque for much sharpness and readability if you're playing connected a 4K display.

All of the consoles besides get a caller nighttime mode feature, which lets you acceptable up preferences to commencement dimming the show and, connected Series S and X only, filtering retired bluish airy erstwhile you're playing past a definite clip each evening.


Xbox Series X yet   has a 4K dashboard photograph  2

This mode includes a caller acheronian taxable for the dashboard. It besides means you tin take the brightness (or crook disconnected entirely) the Xbox lights successful the mediate of your controller and connected your console, which is simply a small interaction that we appreciate.

Finally, a caller Quick Settings fastener has been added to the Xbox Guide, letting players toggle definite accessibility settings without needing to permission their crippled to bash so. You tin work astir the update successful a small much item connected Xbox's blog station connected the subject, to find retired more.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 22 October 2021.

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