Woman records close encounter w/ alligator

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OCALA (CBSMiami) – A Florida woman, paddleboarding successful a lagoon astatine Silver Springs State Park, had a scary and perchance unsafe adjacent brushwood with a precise ample alligator and it was each caught connected camera.

In aggregate videos and photographs posted to her Facebook page, Vicky Reamy Baker, of Ocala, tin beryllium seen sitting connected her paddleboard arsenic the gator dilatory glides done the h2o close up to her paddleboard.

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In the videos, Baker tin beryllium heard saying, “What are you doing? Get distant from me, get distant from me,” arsenic the ample gator approaches.

Eventually, she says, “Oh sh-t, no, spell away,” earlier pushing it distant with her paddle.

But that didn’t work. It made it huffy and hissed astatine Baker.

In the distance, a antheral tin beryllium heard saying “Ma’am, I would suggest backing up, considering you conscionable made him beauteous mad.”

WATCH Gator Hiss As She Pushes It Away With Paddle

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In different video clip, she talks to the gator, “Why are you messing with me? Why are you trying to wound me?” she said. “What the heck man.”

She past tells the camera, “I’ve ne'er had a gator travel aft maine similar that before. Look however adjacent helium is to me. He came aft maine and tried to wound my paddleboard.”

Finally, the gator dilatory swims away, and Baker said, “Someone has been feeding him and made him precise dangerous. He was a large boy.”

There are alligators successful each 67 Florida counties and much than 200,000 alligators successful the Everglades.

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It’s uncommon for radical to beryllium earnestly wounded by gators successful Florida, but it does happen. Most alligators are people acrophobic of humans but whitethorn suffer that fearfulness erstwhile radical provender them, according to the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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