Woman forced to live in sewage-flooded apartment

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BEDFORD STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- It's a renter's nightmare successful Brooklyn arsenic a pistillate surviving successful a first-floor flat has been dealing with a large sewage occupation for astir a week.

She heard an detonation successful her bath past Thursday but had been getting the runaround from her landlord implicit erstwhile the repairs would instrumentality place.

An overflowing toilet dumped brownish h2o each implicit her bath - the murky, feces-filled fluid is besides bubbling up successful the tub.
"I can't accidental I mislaid everything, but erstwhile you enactment truthful hard for your worldly and you spot that happen, that's heartbreaking and past you privation maine to virtually laic successful present similar this?" tenant Cleshea McBurnette said.

It's what Cleshea and her lad Mark woke up to Thursday greeting and had to woody with wrong their crushed level unit.

"I tried to usage the plunger reasoning it was conscionable a regular problem, but erstwhile I utilized the plunger, it started coming up more," lad Mark Ruffin said.

The ordeal unfolded during an inspection of the unit. Cleshea said a typical from the absorption institution DCA 1 was there.

At 1 constituent h2o seeped into her surviving room. Crews did driblet disconnected a bedewed vac.

"I said what americium I expected to bash with this, they virtually told maine you're expected to cleanable it up yourself," McBurnette said.

She says the toilet again overflowed and that it wasn't until Saturday erstwhile crews yet came retired and checked the drawback basin extracurricular the gathering connected MacDougal Street.
"He goes, it's a backup from outside, I called 311, they dispersed it to DEP and DEP didn't come," McBurnette said.

She says connected Monday she erstwhile again made interaction with absorption and besides called assemblage activistic Tony Hebert.

"I'm similar look, let's get this done truthful that this headache tin spell away, this pistillate shouldn't person to unrecorded similar this, particularly if she pays rent," Hebert said.

Eyewitness News paid a sojourn to the spot manager who assured america her squad was connected apical of things and that the plumber volition instrumentality and region each the tiles contaminated by the sewage.

Until past McBurnette is crossing her fingers.

"I person boots due to the fact that you conscionable don't cognize erstwhile you're going to get up and it's going to beryllium flooded again," she said.

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