Marvel's Avengers Gets Spider-Man, A New Raid, And Other Big Updates On November 30

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Spider-Man is yet arriving successful Marvel’s Avengers aboriginal this month. Specifically, he's coming to the PlayStation versions of the crippled – he’s an exclusive character, aft all. But adjacent non-PlayStation owners volition beryllium treated to a important update that adds a caller Raid, powerfulness headdress increase, and a friendlier method of unlocking cosmetics. 

November 30 is the large time that spot 2.2 hits the game. Spider-Man arrives successful the Great Power Hero Event. The communicative centers connected Peter Parker uncovering a mysterious menace and joining up with the Avengers to forestall AIM from procuring almighty technology. Although Spidey struggles with moving arsenic portion of a team, helium manages to signifier bonds with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow (despite insisting connected maintaining his concealed identity). The crux of the run hinges connected whether oregon not Peter decides to go a full-time Avenger oregon instrumentality to crime-fighting solo. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, determination are inactive nary screenshots oregon a trailer showing disconnected Spider-Man’s appearance/moveset, but expect him to beryllium arsenic acrobatic arsenic you’d think. 

In summation to adding Spidey, each versions of the crippled are getting a caller four-player Raid pitting players against Klaw, pursuing the events of the War for Wakada expansion. The update besides bumps the Power Level headdress from 150 to 175. Players tin now upgrade existing cogwheel by recycling instrumentality of a higher powerfulness level. Crystal Dynamics is besides adding a caller method of earning uncommon cosmetics called Shipments. 

Shipments enactment arsenic a benignant of loot container that you tin lone acquisition by spending in-game currency accumulated by playing the game. You bash not person to walk existent money, unlike the paid XP Boosts that have since been removed. A Shipment costs 500 units each and pulls from astir 250 cosmetic items with a tiny accidental of unlocking a premium outfit you can’t get immoderate different way. However, those who acquisition 100 Shipments volition automatically person a premium outfit.

These dependable similar breathtaking additions (unless you're missing retired connected Spider-Man, of course). Marvel's Avengers needs each the wins it tin get aft being deemed a financial disappointment by steadfast Square Enix. You tin play the crippled connected existent and last-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles (including Game Pass) arsenic good arsenic PC. 

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