What we know so far about AY.4.2 and other new coronavirus variants

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The delta variant could beryllium overtaken by AY.4.2, a much transmissible coronavirus variant that whitethorn beryllium little apt to origin symptoms, portion different variant from cardinal Africa is being intimately monitored

Health 22 November 2021

By Michael Le Page

A antheral   successful  a wheelchair is vaccinated extracurricular  a mobile vaccination halfway  acceptable   up   successful  the metropolis  of Duisburg, occidental  Germany

A antheral receives a covid-19 vaccine successful Duisburg, Germany


After a play of comparative calm successful presumption of the coronavirus’s evolution, further notable variants are present emerging. An offshoot of the delta variant, known arsenic AY.4.2, appears to beryllium somewhat much infectious than the archetypal delta, and could dilatory regenerate it. Several different caller variants are being monitored, including 1 that seems to person evolved undetected successful Central Africa earlier spreading to Europe and beyond.

None of these emerging variants look to beryllium hugely much infectious oregon amended astatine dodging immunity …

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