Furious Mercedes protests last-lap F1 debacle

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After filing 2 protests to the stewards but failing connected some attempts pursuing Max Verstappen's last-lap surge past Lewis Hamilton to triumph the Formula 1 satellite title successful Abu Dhabi, Mercedes has indicated it intends to entreaty to the FIA.

"We person lodged our volition to appeal," a Mercedes spokesperson said, meaning the squad has 96 hours to formally proceed with the process to the FIA's International Court of Appeal.

Verstappen overtook Hamilton connected thigh 58 aft a clang involving Nicholas Latifi brought retired the information car with conscionable a fewer laps left.

Verstappen began the last thigh conscionable down Hamilton, hunting him done the archetypal 4 turns. The 24-year-old made his walk connected the 5th crook and Hamilton had 1 past shot. He pulled his Mercedes adjacent with the Red Bull successful crook 9 but couldn't bargain the pb backmost from Verstappen, who pushed up to go the archetypal Dutch satellite champion.

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Race manager Michael Masi made the arguable telephone to let the cars placed betwixt Hamilton and Verstappen to overtake the information car, conscionable astir bringing the 2 rubric rivals cervix and cervix for the instrumentality to 'racing'. And Hamilton, connected hard tyres helium had had since thigh 14, realistically had nary accidental of holding disconnected Verstappen connected his caller slicks.

One Mercedes protestation was regarding the overtaking and the different acrophobic the information car restart procedure.

Before Latifi's crash, Hamilton was coasting to a grounds 8 satellite title.

Lewis Hamilton finished 2nd successful the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. (AP)

There had already been 1 virtual information car deployed earlier successful the contention for a smaller crash, but this clip the existent 1 came retired with small clip near to region Latifi's car and wide debris disconnected the track.

Verstappen's Red Bull squad decided to pit him to power from hard tyres to slicks, portion Mercedes stayed retired to support way position. But it yet near Hamilton astatine Verstappen's mercy. They were expected to instrumentality him implicit the line, but successful the extremity they couldn't clasp disconnected Verstappen.

Initially, the determination was taken not to fto lapped cars overtake the information car, which would person meant respective drivers would person been successful Verstappen's mode astatine the restart and made it much hard to scope Hamilton implicit 1 lap.

Red Bull squad main Christian Horner was successful vigor interaction with F1 Masi astatine that constituent and insisted that Verstappen lone needed 1 thigh to decorativeness the contention properly.

Masi past reversed the telephone to let lapped cars to walk and acceptable up that last thigh of racing.

Red Bull squad main Christian Horner and satellite champion Max Verstappen observe connected the podium successful Abu Dhabi. (AP)

“When everything is wide you person to merchandise the track, truthful that's a just constituent from the contention direction,” Verstappen said aft the race.

However, of the lapped drivers lone Lando Norris, Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel overtook — those betwixt Hamilton and Verstappen — portion Daniel Ricciardo, Lance Stroll and Mick Schumacher did not.

The decorativeness angered Mercedes brag Toto Wolff, who demanded “the past thigh beryllium reinstated".

But Masi was steadfast successful his reply.

“Toto, it’s called a centrifugal race,” Masi said.

“We privation car racing.”

The different protestation was for the mode Verstappen drove earlier the contention restarted. He pulled close alongside Hamilton adjacent the extremity of thigh 57 and fractionally up connected thigh 58.

The regulations accidental “no operator whitethorn overtake different car connected the track, including the information car, until helium passes the enactment for the archetypal clip aft the information car has returned to the pits".

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton successful enactment successful Abu Dhabi. (Getty)

Mercedes lodged their protests wrong the allotted 30-minute model aft the race.

The squad said it would "not marque immoderate further remark connected the item of that until the proceeding has been conducted".

Verstappen was asked to remark connected the Mercedes protest.

“Not overmuch truly to accidental astir that, it besides sums up a small spot the season,” said Verstappen, who successful erstwhile races had expressed vexation astatine immoderate penalties that had been fixed against him — including 2 successful the past contention successful Saudi Arabia.

He had responded with sarcasm to the archetypal determination not to let lapped cars to overtake the information car.

"Of course, I’m not surprised,” Verstappen said with an aerial of resignation.

Minutes later, helium was overtaking Hamilton connected the mode to glory.

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