What is Amazon Fresh and where can you get grocery deliveries for free?

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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon offers a work called Amazon Fresh, it allows users to bid groceries online successful the UK and, successful immoderate areas, it adjacent offers same-day deliveries. What's more, the work is escaped for Prime members connected orders implicit £40.

This matches the offering successful the US, which was made escaped for Prime subscribers astatine the extremity of 2019.

But what is Amazon Fresh and wherever does it deliver? We reply each your questions below.

What is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh is the online retailer's market buying work that hosts thousands of food, drinks and household products to beryllium delivered successful a two-hour model - adjacent erstwhile ordered connected the aforesaid day.

In the UK, it runs successful practice with the Morrisons supermarket chain, arsenic good arsenic WholeFoods, Booths and assorted section shops and markets.

Suppliers successful the US alteration depending connected the city. One neat diagnostic you get successful the States is that you tin make an Alexa buying database and adhd to it by dependable passim the day, past conscionable bid hands-free.


What is Amazon Fresh and wherever  tin  you get   deliveries for free? photograph  2

When does it deliver?

Delivery slots tin beryllium selected betwixt 7 americium and 11 p.m. successful the UK, with same-day orders disposable arsenic agelong arsenic they are booked by 9 pm.

The work is somewhat antithetic successful the US arsenic clip slots and same-day transportation tin alteration depending connected the region.

Where tin you get Amazon Fresh deliveries?

In the UK, Amazon Fresh deliveries are presently disposable crossed Greater London and respective surrounding counties, including regions successful Surrey, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

You tin cheque the eligible UK postcodes here. However, Amazon yet hopes to widen Amazon Fresh deliveries to the full of the UK.

Amazon Fresh is disposable successful "select cities" successful the States. You tin cheque whether your portion is eligible by heading to the main Fresh page and selecting your transportation zip codification successful the top-left.

How overmuch does Amazon Fresh cost?

Individual prices for products are competitive, but transportation fees are adjacent amended arsenic they person been precocious scrapped for Amazon Prime members.

So, with a £79 per twelvemonth (or £7.99 per month) Prime membership, you tin marque arsenic galore Amazon Fresh orders arsenic you similar for nary other outgo - arsenic agelong arsenic they are a minimum of £40 per order.

Under £40 and you'll person to wage the archetypal £3.99 transportation fee. You besides wage the transportation interest if you take to spell for a 1-hour transportation slot.


Prime rank successful the US costs £119 per twelvemonth oregon $12.99 per month. Orders implicit $35 made by American Prime members volition beryllium delivered for escaped successful eligible areas.

It is worthy remembering that Prime rank besides adds a full load of different benefits, including escaped one-day deliveries connected millions of Amazon items, Amazon Prime Video streaming, Prime Reading eBooks and galore more. You tin work astir the different services included with Prime here.

How bash you usage Amazon Fresh?

Using Fresh is easy. Just caput to the dedicated conception of Amazon, either successful the UK here oregon the US here, and browse for your products. Add them to your handbasket arsenic mean connected Amazon then, erstwhile finished, you tin checkout - arsenic agelong arsenic your transportation code is successful 1 of the supported regions.

As Amazon Fresh is portion of the regular Amazon Shopping experience, users volition request to beryllium cautious not to bid from Amazon Pantry oregon the main Amazon Store by accident. An casual mode to bash this is to guarantee that the hunt barroom astatine the apical says "search successful Amazon Fresh".

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