Watch Jen Psaki Do Her Thing And Wreck Peter Doocy’s Haitians/COVID False Equivalency

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Jen Psaki saw what Peter Doocy was trying to bash with a question astir Haitian migrants and vaccine cards and was having nary of it.


Jen Psaki explains to Peter Doocy similar helium is simply a four-year-old the quality betwixt Haitian immigrants who are being deported and unvaccinated radical flying connected airplanes.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 20, 2021

Doocy asked,  “Is idiosyncratic asking the foreign nationals for impervious of vaccination oregon a antagonistic COVID test?”

 Psaki started to answer, “Well, archetypal of all, I tin walk you done the steps.”

Doocy interrupted, “That is the argumentation for radical who fly, truthful if idiosyncratic walks across the river, does idiosyncratic ask to spot their vaccination card.”

Psaki resumed, “Let maine explicate to you again, Peter, how the process works, arsenic the individuals travel crossed the border and assessed if they have symptoms, and if they have symptoms they are quarantined. That is the process. They are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. 

Doocy, intelligibly not getting it, asked, “What is the difference?”

Psaki tried to explicate to Lil’ Pete, apt for the millionth time,  “It is not the aforesaid thing. These are individuals we noted and discussed we are expelling individuals based connected Title 42, specifically due to the fact that of COVID, and we privation to forestall a scenario where ample fig of radical are gathering and posing a menace to the assemblage and the migrants themselves. Those are the policies we enactment successful spot successful ample part because again the CDC recommends Title 42.”

Jen Psaki Saw What Peter Doocy Was Trying To Do And Stopped Him

Peter Doocy implied that Haitian migrants get treated amended and person less COVID restrictions connected them than the unvaccinated (mostly Republicans).

Doocy’s constituent was not close due to the fact that the US is deporting Haitian migrants. At the aforesaid time, the unvaccinated get to enactment successful the United States portion whining astir possibly having to amusement impervious of vaccination oregon a COVID trial to spell to a restaurant, concert, oregon beryllium successful ample groups of people.

These 2 situations are not the same, and Jen Psaki wasn’t astir to fto Peter Doocy smear President Biden with specified an absurd mendacious equivalency.

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