Wantaway Carlton young gun blasted by greats

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AFL greats Matthew Lloyd and Kane Cornes person offered a scathing appraisal of wantaway Carlton youngster Sam Petrevski-Seton up of the commercialized period.

Petrevski-Seton, a WA native, is seeking a commercialized backmost to his location state, with the West Coast Eagles firming arsenic his apt location for adjacent play and beyond.

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After being drafted sixth wide successful the 2016 draft, Petrevski-Seton has lone shown glimpses of his evident potential, with Carlton shifting him each implicit the ground.

While the 23-year-old has a precocious ceiling, Lloyd said Carlton should not beryllium excessively acrophobic with seeing the backmost of him.

"I wouldn't beryllium excessively fazed if I was Carlton, to beryllium honest," helium told AFL Trade Radio.

Petrevski-Seton has asked Carlton for a commercialized to WA during the upcoming AFL commercialized play (Getty)

"He's different 1 that I've seen arsenic a junior. Everything helium did was good, but helium didn't permission his country that often. He did enactment wrong a 50-60m radius, whereas you ticker Sam Walsh and he's moving 150-200m.

"[Ex-Blues database brag Stephen Silvagni] spoke astir him being a forward-midfielder, I look astatine the forwards and you look astatine the mode [Cody] Weightman plays, [Kysaiah] Pickett plays, Tom Papley plays, they're conscionable dynamic, hard-working forwards.

"Then you look astatine the midfielders. Could you ideate Petrevski-Seton going up against [Christian] Petracca and [Clayton] Oliver?

"Maybe helium was messed astir a small bit, but I tin spot wherefore they settled him connected a halfback flank due to the fact that ... it's benignant of the easiest presumption to play.

After being picked sixth wide successful 2016, the 23-year-old has offered lone glimpses of his existent imaginable (Getty)

"I don't deliberation helium competes hard capable and I don't deliberation he's looked arsenic acceptable arsenic what immoderate AFL players person been.

"So I tin recognize wherefore helium leaves the nine and helium looks for a large opportunity, but unless helium changes, from what I'm seeing from afar, I don't deliberation it'll alteration whichever nine helium goes to. I conscionable don't spot an urgency."

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Lloyd's appraisal was backed by Cornes, who grilled Petrevski-Seton for his deficiency of exertion connected the antiaircraft broadside of the ball.

"He does not defend," helium said. "He has not wanted to support and you conscionable can't get distant with it.

"Whether you're playing arsenic a forward, a midfielder oregon a defender, if you don't support you won't past successful the game.

Fremantle young weapon Adam Cerra is apt to nominate Carlton arsenic his nine of prime earlier the commercialized play (Getty)

"I tin perfectly spot wherefore David Teague and Carlton were frustrated with him. A batch of Carlton fans were saying, 'Oh we utilized a top-ten prime to get him and we're playing him retired of position', possibly that was retired of desperation due to the fact that they had sat him down and said, 'This is what we request from you', and helium refused to present that.

"He has fixed up astatine times this twelvemonth erstwhile the absorption person had the footy.

"Now, he's 23 years of property and I surely wouldn't beryllium giving up connected him and I deliberation he's a truly bully get for West Coast due to the fact that they don't person anyone successful that property bracket betwixt 30 and the property he's at.

"He's good worthy a changeable and it's not going to outgo a batch to get him, but I deliberation Carlton request a implicit reset successful presumption of the civilization astatine the footy nine and if players don't privation to bargain successful erstwhile they don't person the footy, they're astir apt amended disconnected being astatine different club."

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