Python remains atop the TIOBE index for November, while PHP shows signs of decline

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The 10 astir fashionable languages stay the same, but numbers toward the bottommost of that radical are shifting, with PHP dropping and assembly connection continuing to rise.


TIOBE's programming scale apical 10 for November, 2021

Image: TIOBE

Software prime institution TIOBE has released its monthly scale of the apical programming languages for November, 2021, and there's a shakeup happening: PHP is connected the verge of losing its spot successful the apical 10.

Paul Jansen, TIOBE Software CEO, said of the alteration that it indicates increasing contention successful the web programming field, wherever PHP was erstwhile dominant. "This is not to accidental that PHP is dead. There are inactive a batch of tiny and mean enterprises relying connected PHP. So I expect PHP to diminution further but astatine a precise dilatory pace," Jansen said. 

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TIOBE ranks the apical 50 languages successful its monthly list, which gathers information from hunt engines, the fig of engineers verified to person proficiency successful a language, the availability of online courses and more. TIOBE began publishing its scale successful 2001, and successful that clip PHP has ne'er been extracurricular of the apical 10.

PHP was adjacent TIOBE's connection of the twelvemonth successful 2004, and it peaked successful popularity astatine fig 3 connected the database successful 2010, but has had a gradual diminution successful popularity since then. November 2021 marks its lowest constituent to date. 

To further enactment the unit connected PHP, Ruby and Groovy, which Jansen describes arsenic 2 of PHP's competitors, some gained 3 positions this month, with Ruby moving from 16th to 13th, and Groovy from 15th to 12th.

Other absorbing movers see embedded applications connection Lua, which moved from 32nd to 26th, web and mobile app connection Dart (40th to 31st) and Google's preferred Android connection Kotlin roseate from 38th to 33rd. 

Python, which was the large communicative of the October 2021 scale with its overtaking of C and Java for the apical spot, remains unmoved atop the list, arsenic bash the six languages pursuing it, making for a comparatively unchangeable apical 10. The bottommost 3 rankings are wherever changes person been taking place: Assembly connection leap frogged implicit SQL and PHP to instrumentality the eighth spot, bumping the different 2 down a notch.

Assembly connection has been rising successful popularity since 2016, erstwhile it archetypal cracked the TIOBE apical 10 aft years successful the little tiers of the list. The crushed for its leap successful popularity is due to the fact that it's often indispensable to usage low-level assembly languages erstwhile programming IoT instrumentality hardware. 

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Eighth spot marks the highest presumption assembly connection has risen to since its inclusion successful the scale successful 2011. That's a beauteous accelerated emergence for what is fundamentally a word utilized to picture old, low-level, and hard programming languages. PHP whitethorn beryllium acceptable to autumn retired of the apical 10, but assembly language's advancement up the ranks mightiness adjacent beryllium bigger news, particularly for developers looking to larn a caller skill. 

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