Brooke Shields says Barbara Walters interview from her teen years was 'practically criminal'

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(CNN)Brooke Shields does not look backmost with fondness connected an interrogation from the 1980s with Barbara Walters.

In a speech with Dax Shepard for his "Armchair Expert" podcast, Shields recalled being interviewed by Walters erstwhile she was 15, pursuing her celebrated Calvin Klein jeans campaign. Shields reflected connected Walters asking her a bid of questions that she present feels were invasive. Among them being, "what are your measurements?" and "Do you person immoderate secrets from your mother?"

"It's practically criminal," Shields told Shepard. "It's not journalism."

    Shepard agreed and called it "maddening."

      The advertisement run successful which a teen Shields asked "You privation to cognize what comes betwixt maine and my Calvins? Nothing," catapulted her modeling vocation and stirred controversy.

      "I was naive, I didn't deliberation thing of it," Shields recalled. "I didn't deliberation it had to bash with underwear. I didn't deliberation it was intersexual successful nature. I'd accidental that astir my sister, cipher could travel betwixt maine and my sister."

      "If they had intended connected the treble entendre, they didn't explicate it to me," she added. "It didn't faze me. It didn't benignant of travel into my psyche arsenic it being thing overtly sexual, sexualized successful immoderate way."

        Since that interrogation with Walters, Shields has been photographed galore times with the journalist, who is present 92 and retired from nationalist life.

        CNN has reached retired to Shields' typical for remark arsenic to whether she ever told Walters the interrogation upset her.

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