UN values of peace, development and human rights ‘have no expiry date’ 

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At a celebratory concert in New York connected Thursday night, marking the day of the foundational UN Charter entering into force, the Secretary-General said that the “spirit of solidarity and action” that marks United Nations United Nations Day itself, is “wonderfully expressed successful the powerfulness of music”.  

The existent Day is 24 October, when each year, the Organizsation reaffirms the purposes and principles that person guided it for the past 76 years.  

“Music reflects the profound diverseness and unsocial contributions of cultures astir the world”, said UN chief António Guterres, wrong the performance venue – the gilded General Assembly Hall. “At the aforesaid time, it is universal. A connection that bridges each divides”.  

Symbolic telephone to action 

As the satellite begins gradually to retrieve from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 concert represents a telephone to fortify planetary practice successful the involvement of some nations and peoples, for a much peaceful and prosperous aboriginal for all. 

“The past 20 months person been an extraordinarily hard and adjacent isolating infinitesimal for the quality family”, said the Secretary-General.  

“Tonight, let america ticker arsenic one, perceive arsenic one, and beryllium inspired arsenic one. And fto america commit, erstwhile again, to the UN Charter and the values that person brought it to beingness for the past 76 years – peace, dignity and prosperity for all”.  

This year’s concert followed a hybrid format with unrecorded and pre-recorded performances and a tiny audience who followed physical distancing protocols. 

From classical artists to K-pop stars, the evening’s enactment up included renowned violinists Angela and Jennifer Chun on with soprano Youngok Shin with in-person performances arsenic pre-recorded videos were screened featuring acclaimed soprano Youngmi Kim, the Goyang Philharmonic Orchestra, pianist Yungwook Yoo and the all-female K-pop band, aespa. 

Carrying anticipation forward 

In his message marking the day, the Secretary-General pointed retired that 76 years ago, the UN was created arsenic “a conveyance of anticipation for a satellite emerging from the shadiness of catastrophic conflict”

“Today”, helium added, “the women and men of the UN transportation this anticipation guardant astir the globe”. 

The 2021 UN Day Concert.

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The 2021 UN Day Concert.

Solidarity, ‘the lone way’ 

The UN chief observed that while COVID-19, conflicts, hunger, poorness and the clime emergency remind america that our satellite is acold from perfect, they besides marque wide that “solidarity is the lone mode forward”. 

We request to travel unneurotic to tackle large challenges and beforehand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. 

Mr. Guterres said this could be done by ensuring that each person, everywhere, has entree to COVID-19 vaccines “sooner alternatively than later” and by seeking an extremity to the “conflicts that scar our world”. 

He also underscored the importance of “securing and upholding the rights and dignity of each people”, particularly the poorest and astir disadvantaged, girls and women, and children and young people; and building a more inclusive, networked and effective global governance, arsenic elaborate successful his caller report, Our Common Agenda.   

Unite behind UN values  

The values of peace, development, quality rights, and accidental for all, which have for the past 76 years have powered the UN Charter, “have nary expiry date”, said the apical UN official.  

“As we people UN Day, let’s unite down these ideals, and unrecorded up to the afloat promise, imaginable and anticipation of the United Nations”, concluded the Secretary-General.   

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