Celonis brings data intelligence to Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

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A concern betwixt Red Hat, IBM and Celonis has made different analyzable portion of bundle into a managed work that makes getting actionable information easier than ever.

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Red Hat, successful concern with its genitor institution IBM and process absorption bundle institution Celonis, has announced the availability of Celonis' Execution Management System arsenic a managed work nested wrong different managed service: Red Hat OpenShift Service connected AWS, besides known arsenic ROSA.

If the thought of managed services nested wrong managed services is confusing, don't worry: The concern makes cleanable consciousness if you recognize what ROSA and Celonis EMS are. The former, ROSA, is simply a fully-managed, AWS-hosted mentation of Red Hat's existing OpenShift containerization software. It's wholly managed by Red Hat and AWS, and successful existent managed work contented it's billed successful a pay-as-you-go mode and is designed to standard arsenic users grow. 

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As Amazon describes it, "enterprise developers acquainted with deploying their applications with OpenShift on-premises volition beryllium capable to much rapidly physique and deploy applications successful the AWS nationalist cloud." Red Hat further describes ROSA arsenic a afloat managed merchandise backed by an endeavor people SLA, and AWS assures users that each indispensable functions, speech from a fewer administrative options, are disposable successful the MSP mentation of ROSA.

Celonis EMS, connected the different hand, is an intensely elaborate information analytics level that the institution describes arsenic "a afloat suite of apps to wholly alteration the mode your institution runs." 

Celonis EMS tin digest information from a full big of sources and hosts, similar Salesforce, G Suite, Microsoft Office, Oracle, SAP and others. It runs the full gamut from information postulation to prescriptive analytics with the eventual extremity of providing insights, recommendations, and automation methods to streamline concern processes. 

That's a hefty portion of software, and immoderate concern considering moving it would bash good to see a fully-hosted option. "Celonis EMS connected ROSA enables enterprises to absorption connected concern betterment processes portion taking vantage of Kubernetes innovation to velocity up clip to value. The offering helps region unreality infrastructure complexity arsenic a situation and provides flexible deployment options for customers," Red Hat said successful a property release. 

While mostly disposable connected AWS now, it won't beryllium remaining determination arsenic an exclusive partner. Red Hat said that it plans to bring Celonis EMS to Red Hat OpenShift connected Mirosoft Azure, Google Cloud and "others'' successful the adjacent future. 

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Red Hat VP for spouse ecosystem products and technologies, Lars Herrmann, said that Red Hat's open-source, cross-platform quality makes it an perfect big for SaaS tools similar Celonis EMS. SaaS tools similar Celonis EMS tin endure arsenic businesses scope unreality maturity and settee into circumstantial environments, Herrmann said, which tin permission invaluable concern insights delivered by analytics bundle extracurricular the walled garden. That's not an contented with a fully-managed lawsuit of OpenShift. "This enhances the lawsuit acquisition portion fostering vendor innovation arsenic they tin present absorption connected halfway offerings without dealing with the underlying architectural complexities," Herrmann said.

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