UN agency begins COVID vaccine rollout for 7,500 stranded migrants in Yemen 

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IOM’s Chief of Mission, Christa Rottensteiner, explained that “immunizing radical connected the determination is cardinal to combatting the dispersed of the disease.” 

An estimated 36,000 migrants person been stranded connected their journeys owed to mobility restrictions, astir 3,500 in Ma’rib alone. Many are sleeping successful overcrowded and unsanitary conditions where the microorganism tin easy spread.  

“Vaccinating against COVID-19 is adjacent much important successful places like Ma’rib where ongoing struggle continues to weaken wellness facilities and disrupt the proviso concatenation for medicines,” Ms. Rottensteiner said.  

According to her, determination are inactive not capable doses to support everyone successful Yemen from this disease. 

“More enactment from the planetary assemblage to proviso the state with capable vaccines volition prevention lives”, she said.  


So far, the pandemic has had terrible consequences for the health, well-being and income of radical successful Yemen. COVID-19 has compounded the aggregate crises already raging owed to the on-going conflict which erupted successful 2015, between rebel Houthi forces, unneurotic with their allies, and a Saudi-led coalition, that supports the internationally-recognized Government. 

As of 12 December, determination person been much than 10,000 cases reported in the country, but it’s difficult to assess the existent interaction due to the fact that of limited investigating and reporting.   

Since April, IOM has been supporting efforts by the Ministry of Health to vaccinate at-risk and hard-to-reach populations. They person included wellness workers, radical with chronic illnesses and aged citizens.  

One Ethiopian migrant who received the vaccine successful Aden, Naima Mohammed, told the agency he had 1 household subordinate die from COVID-19 last year. 

Since then, he has come to the Migrant Response Point respective times to get the facts astir protection measures, such as handwashing and disguise wearing. 

Now that I'm vaccinated, I'm much protected”, helium said.   

Health crisis 

Nearly 7 years of struggle successful Yemen person weakened the wellness system, which was already successful peril earlier the microorganism reached the country. 

The pandemic has had a dire interaction connected the astir marginalized communities who deficiency entree to wellness care, clean water and sanitation.  

For the past 3 months, IOM has been conducting awareness-raising sessions to dispersed close accusation and debunk vaccine misconceptions. Vaccinated migrants volition person documents to allow them easier entree to wellness facilities.  

Since the opening of the pandemic, IOM has helped forestall the dispersed of the illness and supply attraction for those infected.  

So acold this year, much than 135,000 radical person been reached with consciousness sessions and implicit 400,000 radical person been screened for the virus at wellness facilities supported by IOM.  

The new vaccination run is implemented successful concern with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) with enactment from the governments of Germany, Finland and the EU Humanitarian Aid programme.  

80 per cent trust connected aid 

Yemen’s civilian warfare has generated the world’s worst humanitarian and improvement situation and near parts of the state teetering connected the brink of famine.  

The UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, has estimated 80 per cent of the population, oregon 24 cardinal people, trust connected assistance and protection assistance, including 14.3 cardinal who are successful acute need.   

Following the outbreak of the struggle successful 2015, the UN has repeatedly reiterated that determination is nary subject solution to the Yemeni situation and has called for a instrumentality to peaceful negotiation, done the Office of the UN Special Envoy for the country.  

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