Gears of War: Marcus Fenix And Kait Diaz Skins Coming To Fortnite Today

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In a homecoming of sorts, 2 Gears of War quality skins are joining the Fortnite roster today. 

Epic Games was the archetypal proprietor of the Gears of War franchise, but it sold the rights to Microsoft backmost successful 2014. Thanks to Fortnite, Gears of War cosmetics are coming to the fashionable conflict royale. That’s due to the fact that Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz volition beryllium disposable for acquisition successful the Fortnite Item Shop aboriginal contiguous astatine 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET. 

As you tin spot successful the representation above, they look arsenic you’d expect, but Kait Diaz besides comes with a Winter Orange Style variation. If you play a lucifer of Fortnite connected an Xbox Series X/S aft purchasing the Marcus Fenix skin, you’ll unlock its Matte Black Style variation, which you tin spot below.

Marcus Fenix comes with the Sonic Resonator Back Bling, portion Kait Diaz comes with the Reyna’s Pendant Back Bling. Other accessories see the Breaker Mace Pickaxe, the Thumper Pickaxe, the Butcher Cleaver Pickaxe, and the Skiff Glider. You tin spot each of these items in the representation below.

Also up for grabs is the Knife Tricks emote, which you tin presumption here, and the Emergence Hole Spray, which comes with “Kait & Marcus Bundle.” You tin besides acquisition the pickaxes, glider, oregon emotes individually, but if you bargain the Emergence Gear Bundle, you’ll get each of them. 

A caller Gears of War quest volition beryllium added to the Battle Royale aboriginal contiguous arsenic well. Players tin implicit the Delta-One Quests from December 9 to December 17 to unlock the Crimson Omen Spray. To bash that, you’ll request to cod 3 COG tags, crouch down a barrier, harm an hostile with a melee attack, bash shotgun harm to an opponent, and cod Thrashball memorabilia. 

While waiting for Gears of War to instrumentality implicit the Fortnite Item Shop, cheque retired this Unreal Engine 5 quality tegument successful Fortnite and past work astir however Epic Games is processing Fortnite successful Unreal Engine 5. Check retired these recently-added Resident Evil skins aft that. 

Will you beryllium picking up Marcus Fenix oregon Kait Diaz successful Fortnite today? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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