Two New Critical Role Statues Are On The Way With Vax And Vex

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Sideshow Collectibles is simply a institution that sets the barroom precocious erstwhile it comes to high-end commemorations of our favourite franchises. From comics to games, Sideshow knows however to trade the cleanable instrumentality tribute and present it is adding adjacent much statues to the D&D experience Critical Role's memorabilia lineup.  

In summation to the Fjord and Beau statues that were revealed past year, the high-end collectibles institution is present adding Vax and Vex to the fray. While neither are rather available to get successful homes everywhere, the brace is astatine slightest pre-orderable for those interested: 


The Vax statue supra features a hexagonal basal that is meant to look similar chromatic wherever you'll spot the Vox Machina logo engraved. Standing astatine 11.75" tall, this smirking statue is the cleanable summation to any Critical Role fan's collection. 


Vex tin beryllium seen connected a akin base, though astatine a somewhat shorter tallness astatine 11.5" tall. With a much expressive look that fits this quality perfectly, she joins Vex arsenic the latest statue drawback disposable for D&D fans. 

Both are disposable present to pre-order for $195. The expected vessel day is presently slated for a May to July 2022 launch. Interested? Check them some retired here to larn much astir however you tin unafraid one. 

Thoughts connected the latest statues to articulation the Critical Role lineup? Shout those thoughts retired large and arrogant successful the remark conception below! 

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