Tucker Carlson Has A Moment Of Truth Where He Admits That His Show Is A Lie

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Tucker Carlson admitted that helium lies connected his Fox News amusement erstwhile helium feels cornered, but Carlson appears to consciousness “cornered” a batch of the time.

Carlson told blimpish big Dave Rubin, “I mean, I prevarication if I’m truly cornered oregon something. I lie. I truly effort not to. I effort ne'er to prevarication connected TV. I conscionable don’t ― I don’t similar lying. I surely bash it, you know, retired of weakness oregon whatever.”

To translate, erstwhile Tucker Carlson feels cornered oregon weak, helium lies. Anyone who has watched Carlson’s Fox News amusement for much than 10 minutes could archer you that Carlson’s full gimmick is playing defender to each of the blimpish achromatic radical who consciousness attacked by the beingness of different people, successful nine who are not blimpish achromatic people.

Tucker Carlson lies a lot.

It is much hard to ticker an full occurrence of his program, and NOT find a prevarication than it is to spot the lies.

Remember erstwhile Carlson claimed that the NSA was spying connected him?


Remember erstwhile Tucker’s Hunter Biden grounds got mislaid successful the mail?


Then determination is each of Carlson’s COVID misinformation, which Dr. Fauci called an force of nationalist health.

Tucker Carlson tin admit that helium lies connected his amusement due to the fact that his viewers don’t care. They privation to beryllium lied to. Tucker Carlson’s viewers privation to judge that phantasy is reality. They person embraced fabrication arsenic fact.

Tucker Carlson isn’t doing an sentiment amusement for Fox News. It’s a remorseless propaganda hr and a menace to America.

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