Trump’s New Social Media Site Has Already Been Hacked

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Trump’s caller societal media trial tract had to beryllium pulled offline aft it was defaced by hackers.

The Washington Post reported:

Former president Donald Trump and his squad declared Wednesday nighttime that they would soon motorboat a “media powerhouse” that would assistance them triumph successful their long-running warfare against Big Tech. But wrong hours, pranksters recovered what appeared to beryllium an unreleased trial mentation and posted a representation of a defecating pig to the “donaldjtrump” account.

The tract has since been pulled offline — grounds that Trump is apt to look a daunting situation successful gathering an Internet concern that tin basal connected its own.

It is bully to spot that Trump is upholding the agelong contented of poorly secured blimpish societal media networks.

There is 1 different occupation with Trump’s societal media level too however casual it was to deface.

It appears a pretense for different Trump scheme.

Trump’s Social Media Platform Is Really A Stock Scam.

Matt Levine described successful Bloomberg Opinion however Trump’s SPAC scam works:

So if Donald Trump announced “hey I’m gonna bash a societal media company, bargain immoderate stock,” radical would bargain immoderate stock. And past he’d get a batch of money.   And past if the societal media level did not extremity up being profitable — as I cannot ideate it would be! — then helium would, uh, inactive person that money? And if the societal media level did not extremity up being launched — if Trump and his ace squad of technologists conscionable couldn’t really physique a well-functioning online societal web — then helium would, uh, inactive person that money? And if determination was nary ace squad of technologists astatine all, if cipher even tried to physique the societal media level — then you spot wherever I americium going with this right?

It is the cleanable Trump scam. Trump unveils a societal media institution that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not ever beryllium launched. Trump sells banal successful the thought of the societal media company. Trump has nary existent work to motorboat a societal media company, oregon for the institution ever to beryllium profitable.

Trump gets to support the money.

It is each a con. The thought that Donald Trump, a feline who was truthful inexpensive that helium hired criminals who would enactment for free, family, and ran a statesmanlike run retired of his basement would walk the loads of wealth required to motorboat a societal media institution correctly is absurd.

It is simply a currency grab, and radical shouldn’t dainty Trump’s “Truth” arsenic thing different than legalized grift.

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