Aussie beast celebrates brutal UFC win with a shoey

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Australia's UFC beast Tai "Bam Bam" Tuivasa connected Sunday did what helium does champion - knocked idiosyncratic out, past celebrated with a "shoey".

The 28-year-old - who's proudly from occidental Sydney - ended Brazilian heavyweight Augusto Sakai successful the 2nd circular of their three-round combat astatine UFC 269 successful Las Vegas.

It was a 4th consecutive triumph for Tuivasa and, conscionable arsenic he's go known to do, observe the triumph by jumping up onto the partition of the octagon, grabbing a footwear from idiosyncratic successful the crowd, pouring a brew into it and skolling it arsenic the assemblage went wild.

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"Las Vegas!" helium yelled astatine the apical of his voice, earning the loudest cheer of the nighttime truthful far.

Once helium settled down, Tuivasa was capable to talk astir the win.

"Like I said successful my past interviews, I consciousness similar I'm getting amended and amended astatine this sport.

"I perceive my country accidental 'that left's opening up'. I conscionable had to enactment connected my borderline and stalk him and hunt him down.

"I've said earlier I'm a banger from occidental Sydney, and I'll bang connected with anyone."

In July, Tuivasa scored the champion triumph of his UFC vocation erstwhile helium knocked retired erstwhile NFL subordinate Greg Hardy, sending his hostile to the level aft lone 67 seconds.

It was his 3rd consecutive first-round knockout victory. His second-round triumph connected Sunday ended that streak, but he's surely made a sanction for himself.

This triumph volition propel Tuivasa wrong the apical 15 heavyweight fighters successful the UFC.

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