Tony Bennett has set a new Guinness World Record

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The Grammy Award-winning vocalist conscionable acceptable a Guinness World Record for being the oldest idiosyncratic to merchandise an medium of caller material.

"Love for Sale," a collaboration with Lady Gaga, was released connected October 1, and astatine the time, Bennett was 95 years and 60 days old, according to Guinness.

    Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's newest collaboration

    Gaga, 35, said that contempt their 60-year property difference, she finds inspiration performing alongside the elder crooner.

      "I spot a young lad each clip I sing with him, and it conscionable makes the acquisition of singing truthful freeing. To person it beryllium astir 2 souls singing unneurotic ... and past astatine the aforesaid time, I besides instrumentality successful each his wisdom. The contented of each his years," Gaga said successful a video released by Interscope Records announcing the record.

      The caller album, which celebrates the euphony of Cole Porter, is not their archetypal grounds together. In 2011, Bennett and Gaga recorded the opus "The Lady is simply a Tramp," and 3 years aboriginal they released a collaborative medium entitled "Cheek to Cheek."

      Of course, this isn't the archetypal grounds he's acceptable successful his 70-year career. In fact, Guinness says helium holds 4 others:

        • Oldest idiosyncratic to scope No.1 connected the US medium chart with a recently recorded medium for "Cheek to Cheek."
        • Longest clip betwixt UK apical 20 albums: 39 years.
        • Oldest idiosyncratic to participate the UK apical 20 medium chart with "Duets: An American Classic" when helium was 80.
        • Longest clip betwixt the merchandise of an archetypal signaling and a re-recording of the aforesaid azygous by the aforesaid artist.

        Indeed, to punctuation different tune Bennett recorded, the vocalist has been living "The Good Life."

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