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Photography games are among my favourite benignant of escapade video games. As idiosyncratic who makes their surviving moving with cameras daily, I consciousness compelled to play them whenever there's a caller release; Toem is the latest introduction successful this fantastic small subgenre. The hand-drawn indie crippled releases aboriginal this week and features exploration, photograph challenges, airy puzzle-solving, and a memorable soundtrack that makes it worthy playing. Join Jill Grodt, John Carson, and maine arsenic we go hands-on with the charming escapade crippled successful this episode of New Gameplay Today!

Something We Made, the workplace developing Toem, further describes the activities that players tin enactment successful via the game's authoritative website:

Set disconnected connected a delightful expedition and usage your photographic eye to uncover the mysteries of the magical TOEM in this hand-drawn escapade game. Chat with quirky characters, lick their problems by snapping neat photos, and marque your mode done a relaxing landscape! 

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