TJ and Caro clash over big Neale trade question

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The Age columnist Caroline Wilson and 9News Melbourne newsman Tony Jones person engaged successful a steadfast back-and-forth aft Wilson urged the Brisbane Lions to contradict Lachie Neale a determination backmost to Western Australia.

Neale and his woman Jules, who are expecting their archetypal child, are reportedly keen connected moving backmost to Perth, wherever Jules' household resides, catching Neale's squad off-guard aft a shattering finals exit connected Saturday.

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While Neale is yet to officially inquire the nine for a trade, his imaginable determination backmost to Fremantle, the nine who drafted him, is acceptable to beryllium the header enactment during this year's AFL commercialized period.

However, Wilson caught Jones off-guard with her effect to the proposition that the Lions should assistance the 28-year-old midfielder a determination backmost to his aged club.

Lachie Neale is reportedly considering asking for a commercialized retired of Brisbane backmost to Fremantle this summertime (Getty)

"They request to excavation their heels successful arsenic Sydney did past twelvemonth with Tom Papley, look however that turned retired for them," Wilson told 9News Melbourne.

"I deliberation my colleague, Craig Hutchison, disagrees with me, but this'll beryllium unspeakable for Brisbane and I deliberation Lachie Neale's timing, rather frankly, is beauteous mean to a nine that conscionable went done what it went done connected Saturday night.

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"He signed up for 5 years. No one's asking helium and Jules to rise their household successful Brisbane, they're asking him to spot retired his contract, which has got 2 years to run."

Jones was not thrilled with Wilson's answer, challenging the seasoned newsman to amusement immoderate "compassion" erstwhile the back-and-forth sparked up.

Jones (L) and Wilson (R) did not spot eye-to-eye astatine each implicit whether Brisbane should assistance Neale a determination (Getty)

TJ: Footy is not the be-all and end-all, Caro.

CW: I deliberation that successful this case, Lachie Neale owes the nine and helium should enactment and spot retired his contract, if that is what Brisbane believes.

TJ: Isn't it household first?

CW: I'm not asking him to godforsaken his family, Tony. I'm asking him to enactment successful Brisbane and and spot retired his contract. We're not asking him to unrecorded successful Timbuctoo, Tony. We're asking him to unrecorded successful Brisbane.

TJ: No, but, [it's their] archetypal baby, they're from Perth and Brisbane couldn't beryllium immoderate further away.

Neale tallied a finals-high 46 disposals successful Brisbane's qualifying last nonaccomplishment to Melbourne successful this year's finals (Getty)

CW: Lachie Neale is really from South Australia. No, I disagree with you.

TJ: As you did with the St Kilda players. Come on, where's your compassion?

CW: It's got thing to bash with compassion!

TJ: Well intelligibly not, Caro!

CW: Brisbane person wrapped their arms astir him and Jules and they've said they would emotion to assistance her. It is not going to beryllium a implicit nightmare to rise a kid successful a metropolis similar Brisbane, which is simply a large town, and hopefully by adjacent year, question [to Perth] volition beryllium a batch easier arsenic well.

Lachie Neale of the Lions poses with his woman Jules Neale aft winning the Brownlow Medal (Getty)

TJ: Okay, and that five-hour travel astir apt erstwhile a twelvemonth won't beryllium excessively much.

CW: You're being incredibly naïve, Tony.

TJ: No, I'm conscionable being a small spot compassionate.

CW: I deliberation you're taking the other stance, conscionable to beryllium controversial.

TJ: No, I'm not actually. I'm a household man, but anyway.

CW: I'm compassionate towards the Brisbane Lions and those players and what they did to get Lachie Neale implicit there. [Wanting to leave] 3 years into a deal, that is not however I would similar idiosyncratic to bash business.

Neale could re-united with ex-teammate and chap Brownlow Medallist Nat Fyfe successful Fremantle (Getty)

Brisbane released a connection connected Monday revealing that Neale had met with the club's CEO, GM of Football and elder manager to sermon his future.

Neale arrived successful Brisbane a two-time Doig Medallist with Fremantle and has seen his vocation instrumentality disconnected into different stratosphere.

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He recorded back-to-back All-Australian appearances successful his archetypal 2 seasons with the Lions, earlier his 2021 play was ruined by syndesmosis tendon wounded successful his ankle.

The South Australian autochthonal has played 60 games for Brisbane since joining the nine connected a five-year woody astatine the extremity of 2018. He has 2 years near to tally connected the contract.

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