Tile's new owner, Life360, reportedly sells users' location data to anyone

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(Pocket-lint) - Life360, which precocious agreed to get Tile, is reportedly selling the determination information of its 33 cardinal users to "virtually anyone who wants to bargain it".

A caller study from Markup has claimed Life360 is utilizing its 13-year-old level to cod and merchantability idiosyncratic information to 3rd parties. Life360 is champion known for its location-based household tracking work that enables your friends and household members to stock their nonstop determination with you and each other.

Life360 besides offers features specified arsenic determination past and favourite routes.

The San Francisco-based institution seemingly made $16 cardinal past twelvemonth unsocial from selling its users’ determination data. It supposedly sold that information to selling companies specified arsenic Cuebiq to tally selling campaigns. A erstwhile worker described Life360 arsenic "one of the largest sources of information for the industry" - thing that is particularly eyebrow-raising fixed its acquisition of Tile, which makes a scope of fashionable tracking devices.

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Life360 CEO Chris Hulls told Markup said that its users' information is an "important portion of our concern model", allowing it to connection escaped services. However, according to Hulls, its privateness argumentation prevents it from selling information that tin place its users.

Hulls besides said Life360 has nary plans to merchantability information from Tile devices.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 7 December 2021.

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