THQ Nordic Announces Outcast 2: A New Beginning

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THQ Nordic has announced a revival of the Outcast franchise with the upcoming merchandise of Outcast 2: A New Beginning. Development started successful 2018 with astatine slightest 10 developers from the archetypal Outcast squad onboard, including the manager and creation manager from that game.

Outcast 2 revives ideas from the original sequel that was being planned successful 1999/2000. Due to fiscal issues with its publisher Infogrames, the task was shelved indefinitely. Appeal Studios, the squad down A New Beginning, wants to marque a merchandise that feels similar a successor to the cult classic. Appeal is looking to instrumentality a non-linear communicative an enticing satellite to explore.

Like the archetypal game, Outcast 2 volition instrumentality spot connected the satellite of Adelpha, and players volition measurement backmost into the shoes of Cutter Slade 20 years successful the future. Due to an mishap portion escaping the planet, Slade was blipped retired of clip and recovered his mode backmost decades later. To support the satellite fresh, players volition research a antithetic portion of the satellite and conscionable caller inhabitants. Combat and question person been updated, according to THQ Nordic. Outcast 2 is simply a third-person shooter astatine heart, with modular weaponry being a focus. However, Cutter volition besides person magic-like “Talan powers” and a caller mobility-enhancing jetpack.

While we don’t person a merchandise day rather yet, THQ Nordic informs america Outcast 2 is nearing the extremity of its “pre-alpha” signifier of development, a bully motion we’ll beryllium seeing it sooner alternatively than later. THQ Nordic and Appeal Studios are releasing Outcast 2 connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Outcast is simply a crippled that I missed retired connected each these years but heard rumblings of it implicit time. Do you person immoderate Outcast memories you’d similar to share? How did the crippled interaction you successful the precocious 90s and beyond? Are you excited astir the re-emergence of the franchise? Tell maine each astir it successful the comments!

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