These amazing sequence photos make extreme sports look even more awesome

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(Pocket-lint) - We've each seen the insane stunts, awesome sporting efforts and fantastic displays carried retired by Red Bull sponsored athletes. There are immoderate daring people retired determination with a sensation for the utmost and Red Bull loves to springiness them wings. 

The archives of associated photoshoots amusement a superb postulation of images that enactment utmost sports successful a caller light. When a series of already fantastic photos is stitched unneurotic successful Photoshop the results are someway adjacent much spectacular.

Take a travel with america arsenic we research immoderate of the coolest snapshots of the enactment unfolding. 

Urban snowboarding

Denis Leontyev tin regularly beryllium seen snowboarding successful Moscow, Russia. This representation is conscionable 1 illustration of his passionateness for tearing up slopes and municipality landscapes and what amended spot to bash it than successful the dormant of Russian winter? 

Snowboarding shenanigans

Denis Leontyev is an amazing snowboarder who hails from Russia. His vocation began successful 2011 and he's continued to spell from spot to spot ever since. 

For the Film Sport accumulation successful 2018, helium was captured pulling disconnected immoderate staggering manoeuvres snowboarding disconnected the extortion of a gathering successful Kirovsk, Russia. The resulting representation makes the full happening look gravity-defying if you presumption it from left-to-right - he's seemingly climbing up the building backwards. 

Red Bull Rampage 2018

The Red Bull Rampage is an insane upland biking contention that sees downhill racers, escaped riders and slopestyle riders tearing up the ridges and mountainsides. In 2018, the lawsuit was held in Virgin, Utah and the contention was fierce. 

This representation is simply a series of shots stitched unneurotic that seizure 1 of the entrants carrying retired an awesome flip connected the mode downhill. The resulting representation is astir arsenic fantastic arsenic the stunt itself. 

Wakeboarding astir an excavator

Parks Bonifay is a spot of a wakeboarding legend. He won the X Games astatine conscionable 14 years aged and has continued to impressment - dominating assorted events and carrying retired awesome feats. He's noted arsenic being the archetypal documented wakeboarder to onshore a 1080. Here he's seen carving astir an excavator shovel during the accumulation of 'Falling Rocks' successful Carinthia, Austria

A imaginativeness of the future

Matt Jones is simply a slopestyle and feeride athlete with a competitory mentality. This antithetic representation of him successful enactment shows what appears to beryllium a imaginativeness of the aboriginal arsenic helium watches himself loop into the helix. A blur of colour and velocity regenerate a imaginativeness of him lasting inactive eyeing up the obstacle ahead. 

Downhill astatine speed

Another changeable from the Red Bull Rampage successful Virgin, Utah shows upland motorcycle freerider Brandon Semenuk doing his thing, going downhill astatine speed. 

The series of images makes it look similar respective antithetic bikers person gone down the slope astatine the aforesaid time, pursuing cautiously successful speedy succession. 

The snaking race

Sébastien Buemi is simply a World Endurance Championship operator and Formula E legend. He's been tearing up tracks successful 1 conveyance oregon different since helium was 15 years old. Here helium tin beryllium seen performing during The Pass astatine the Tremola successful Airolo, Switzerland connected September 20, 2017.

This representation is 1 of favourites from this postulation and appears to amusement a perfectly syncronised enactment of cars snaking their mode up the road, but is successful fact, conscionable 1 antheral and his vehicle. 

Shooting hoops

Sergio Llull, 1 of Europe's astir skilled hoops players, is shown present performing a bid of awesome shots during a sprout successful Madrid, Spain. A series of shots stitched unneurotic marque it look similar there's an endless watercourse of balls coming retired of him and dropping effortlessly into the hoop. 

Extension Man backflip

Szymon Godziek was caught connected camera performing during the Extension Man task successful Proszkowice, Poland. This lawsuit is besides the clip helium achieved the world's archetypal backflip superman 1 manus spot grab. Tearing up the customized built slopestyle people with huge ungraded jumps performing tricks and flips with benignant and finesse. 

Fabiolous Escape

Trial biker, Fabio Wibmer is seen present successful a stitched series of images captured during the filming of his video Fabiolous Escape 2.0. This video shows the biker catching large air, jumping from helicopters and much successful Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria. The photograph itself is telling to the fun-packed shenanigans featured successful the footage and the skills of the rider.  


Kriss Kyle has been performing tricks connected a BMX since helium was 10. He's entered a multitude of competitions since past and has travelled each implicit the satellite to movie stunts and instrumentality portion successful events. Here helium is seen pulling disconnected tricks for the groundbreaking video project Kaleidoscope in 2015.

Big aerial snowboarding

This representation shows Seppe Smits performing successful Saas-Fee, Switzerland successful 2016. The skilled snowboarder managed to drawback immoderate reasonably large aerial and the resulting photograph is mighty impressive. This slopestyle snowboarder has been tearing up the snowy slopes since 2009 and has won respective events including the World Championships and World Cups.

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Stunting connected the lake

Aaron Colton is seen present pulling disconnected immoderate stunts connected a adust lakebed successful Lucerne Valley, California, USA. This motorcycling champion has made a sanction for himself crossed a scope of disciplines including Street Freestyle, AMA Pro Road Racing and AMA Pro Flat Track. This series changeable shows him successful enactment doing what helium loves best. 

Freeskiing rainbow

Russell Henshaw is simply a Winter Olympian and freeskiing legend. He discovered a passionateness for the achromatic pulverization erstwhile helium was conscionable 4 years aged and by the property of 14 helium was winning titles and impressing audiences. 

With this awesome stitching, helium tin beryllium seen catching immoderate aerial and creating a rainbow arsenic helium practices immoderate moves successful Perisher, Australia. 

A dive into the deep

In lawsuit you haven't gathered from this image, Orlando Duque is simply a cliff diving enthusiast. He's besides insanely talented and has won nary little than 11 satellite titles doing truthful and has besides made it into the Guinness Book of World Records twice. This representation shows him diving into the Antarctic in 2018. 

Wakeskating astatine night

A overmuch much colourful country shows a 3D people series of Zuzana Vrablova successful acheronian nighttime scenery built successful a workplace successful Prague, Czech Republic connected October 13th 2014. 

The treble backflip

Daniel Bodin is a multi-disciplined athlete with a passionateness for things powered by engines. He's a large woody successful the satellite of Freestyle Snowmobile Cross and has a happening for pulling off unbelievable backflips.

This photograph from January 2017, shows a superb series of images stitched unneurotic to amusement erstwhile helium took to the entity to go the archetypal idiosyncratic ever to onshore a treble backflip connected a snowmobile.

Freestyle motocross in action

The Red Bull FMX Jam puts champions of freestyle motocross up against each different - displaying their skills and showcasing their talents for each to see. Here, Alexey Kolesnikov performs successful Almaty, Kazakhstan successful 2018. This glorious series changeable shows the gravity-defying skills of these riders and the thrills they present for their audience.  

To infinity and beyond

In a reasonably awesome bid of photos that person been stitched unneurotic Markus Stoeckl performs during V-Max astatine the Atacama Desert, Chile connected December 10, 2016. Here he's seen attempting to beat his ain World Record by mounting a caller downhill upland motorcycle speed. The resulting last representation seems to spot him dash disconnected into the region and transforming into a tiny mentation of himself arsenic helium does so. 

Red Bull Imagination

Chris Tedesco captured this awesome series photograph of motocross rider Tyler Bereman astatine the Red Bull Imagination 2020 event. Here helium tin beryllium seen casually zipping disconnected implicit the apical disconnected a monolithic Red Bull emblazoned obstacle with gravity-defying finesse. 

Serious piloting skills

We emotion this photo. It's not conscionable a fantastic imaginativeness of piloting skills but besides an awesome portion of photography too. 

Predrag Vuckovic created this series changeable portion capturing photos of Red Bull Aerobatic Helicopter Pilot, Aaron Fitzgerald, performing assorted feats implicit the Statute of Liberty successful 2019. 

Soul flyers

The Soul flyers are a radical of crazed, magnificent aerial acrobats who propulsion disconnected each mode of free-flying stunts and sports for their enjoyment and others. 

Max Haim captured them present seemingly flitting astir successful the aerial supra a lighthouse astatine La Coubre successful La Tremblade, France. Gracious, awesome and magnificent to observe. 

Helicopter diving

Orlando Duque is mostly a cliff diving athlete, but connected this juncture helium took to the skies supra the waters of San Andres, Colombia and dove 27 meters retired of a chopper into the acold wasters below.

This series photograph by Maximiliano Blancowas is simply a cleanable tribute to an awesome feat and a talented jock too. 

Italian jock Larissa Iapichino is seen present successful the mediate of action. This was portion of a performs for "The Play" shooting successful Milan, Italy connected October 24, 2020.

We emotion seeing these series photos of nonrecreational athletes doing what they bash best. 

Mario Burke sprinting

This series changeable shows Mario Burke successful the midst of grooming successful Houston, Texas, USA connected 01 April, 2021. 

What we emotion though is it looks similar he's been cloned and is chasing himself astir the track. 

Water jump

In Duluth, Minnesota, American snowmobile racer Levi LaVallee is seen pulling disconnected an awesome leap crossed immoderate wonderfully calm waters. What a creaseless move. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 11 March 2019.

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