'Brave' US superstar pulls out of second event

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American gymnastics megastar Simone Biles volition not support her Olympic rubric successful the women's all-round event, USA Gymnastics has confirmed.

Biles has been withdrawn from tomorrow's all-around contention to absorption connected her intelligence well-being pursuing last night's daze withdrawal during the women's gymnastics squad event.

The 24-year-old U.S. star, considered to beryllium 1 of the top gymnasts of each time, was seen huddling with a trainer aft landing awkwardly disconnected the vault. She past exited the contention level with the squad doctor.

After archetypal reports of an ankle injury, it was aboriginal revealed that Biles had been struggling with her intelligence wellness passim the Games, truthful overmuch truthful that she made the heartbreaking determination to measurement speech retired of fearfulness costing the USA a medal.


Simone Biles. (AP)

"No injury, thankfully - and that's wherefore I took a measurement back, due to the fact that I didn't privation to bash thing silly retired determination and get injured," Biles yet revealed aft USA claimed metallic down the Russian Federation.

"I thought it was champion if these girls took implicit and did the remainder of the job, which they perfectly did. They're Olympic metallic medallists present and they should beryllium truly arrogant of themselves for however they did, past minute, having to spell in.

"It's been truly stressful, this Olympic Games, I deliberation conscionable arsenic a whole. Not having an audience, determination are a batch of antithetic variables going into it.

"It's been a agelong week, it's been a agelong Olympic process, it's been a agelong year. So conscionable a batch of antithetic variables and I deliberation we're conscionable a small spot excessively stressed out. We should beryllium retired present having amusive and sometimes that's not the case.

Simone Biles is comforted aft pulling retired of the teams event. (Getty)

"We person to support our minds and our bodies and not conscionable spell retired and bash what the satellite wants america to do."

Gymnastics USA had initially said the scope for Biles' further invovlement successful the Tokyo Games would beryllium assessed connected a regular basis.

They person present made the determination to retreat Biles from tomorrow's all-round event.

"After further aesculapian evaluation, Simon Biles has withdrawn from the last idiosyncratic all-around contention astatine the Tokyo Olympic Games, successful bid to absorption connected her intelligence health," a connection from the governing assemblage read.

"We wholeheartedly enactment Simone's determination and applaud her bravery successful prioritising her well-being. Her courageousness shows, yet again, wherefore she is simply a relation exemplary for truthful many."

Following Biles' latest withdrawal, fans and supporters weighed successful connected Twitter to assistance up the struggling athlete.

British gymnast Max Whitlock tweeted: "Simone Biles, you've pushed boundaries clip and clip again. Rest up & instrumentality time."

It is yet to beryllium seen if Biles volition vie successful adjacent week's idiosyncratic events.

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