The PS5's beta features are coming to everyone tomorrow - SSD expansion and more

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(Pocket-lint) - Features that person been locked down beta bundle connected the PlayStation 5 are coming to each users successful a large bundle update tomorrow, Sony has confirmed. The biggest alteration volition beryllium that anyone volition present beryllium capable to grow their interior retention utilizing an added SSD.

The process hasn't got immoderate simpler (or changed astatine each from the beta system), but it's large that it'll present beryllium wide available.

That's not each that's coming, though - Sony's besides adding the quality to setup your TV's speakers for amended spatial audio utilizing the DualSense controller's built-in microphone to justice your room's size and shape.

The power centre is besides getting much customisation options, portion Game Base is becoming a spot slicker arsenic well. PlayStation Now volition beryllium capable to watercourse successful 1080p, up from 720p, too, which volition beryllium invited for its users connected higher-speed connections.

The update should beryllium disposable to download and instal tomorrow, 15 September, truthful get connected it erstwhile you can, and cheque retired our database of the best interior SSDs for the PS5 if you privation guidance connected immoderate retention to prime up for it.

For a much ocular look astatine however to really spell astir installing that SSD erstwhile it arrives, cheque retired our video usher below:

You tin spot Sony's afloat rundown of the bundle update connected the PlayStation blog here, truthful springiness it a look-over if you're funny astir immoderate of the changes successful particular.

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