The NRL juggernaut that's crashing to earth

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Former NRL prima Brett Kimmorley believes the existent situation facing Melbourne volition beryllium greater than the infamous wage headdress ungraded that rocked the Storm much than a decennary ago.

The Victorian nine has been the powerhouse of the contention for a agelong time, winning 3 premierships since 2011 and finishing successful the apical 2 teams aft the regular play for the past six consecutive years, including 4 insignificant premierships.

There's been galore times erstwhile experts and punters person been prepared to constitute them off.

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First the Storm mislaid Greg Inglis and radical said they wouldn't beryllium arsenic successful. Then went Cooper Cronk, past Billy Slater, past Cameron Smith. But the squad kept connected winning nether manager Craig Bellamy. This twelvemonth - the archetypal since Smith's status - they won a grounds 19 consecutive games.

Melbourne person missed the finals lone erstwhile successful the past 19 seasons. That was successful 2010, erstwhile the nine was stripped of each contention points arsenic punishment for cheating the NRL wage cap. Two years aboriginal they bounced backmost to triumph different expansive final.

Now, though, Kimmorley believes their reign could beryllium coming to an end.

Kamikamica stood down by Storm

Since being bundled retired of the finals by Penrith successful September, Melbourne person been successful the headlines for each the incorrect reasons.

The time aft that semi final, 3 Storm players were filmed successful a country wherever determination was a achromatic substance connected a table. Brandon Smith, Cameron Munster, and Chris Lewis were each forced to code the nationalist done a nine video, but were adamant they didn't cognize what the achromatic substance was.

Last week Tui Kamikamica was stood down by the Storm aft being charged with assault pursuing an alleged incidental with a pistillate extracurricular a Queensland bar.

Then, earlier this week, Smith went connected a podcast and revealed helium wants to triumph a premiership with the Roosters, and besides spilled the beans connected a dense drinking civilization astatine Melbourne.

The nine aboriginal issued a connection condemning Smith for those comments. They besides announced Smith volition permission the nine erstwhile his declaration finishes adjacent year.

Kimmorley - who played 79 games for the Storm - tin spot the wheels falling off.

"There's going to beryllium a distraction somewhere," Kimmorley told SEN radio.

Storm manager Craig Bellamy. (Getty)

"If they spell done a spot of a signifier slump oregon if they aren't arsenic bully successful the past... I deliberation this is the biggest situation successful the past of the club.

"Nicho Hynes, Josh Addo-Carr and Dale Finucane person each near the Melbourne Storm and that extent oregon array of endowment has benignant of been taken distant from Craig Bellamy.

"He does a large occupation to regenerate it, but I deliberation adjacent twelvemonth is the biggest situation for the Melbourne Storm nether Craig Bellamy.

"I deliberation if they don't play good oregon if there's a spot of a signifier slump, it'll origin issues.

"The questions volition be, 'is it due to the fact that of Brandon Smith? Is it due to the fact that of the culture? Is it due to the fact that they're going to person players permission adjacent year? Is it due to the fact that their bosom and souls aren't successful the Melbourne Storm anymore?'

"I deliberation it volition cause, oregon it volition person the imaginable to cause, distractions that you can't person successful shot clubs."

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