'The Matrix 4' posts first footage to interactive fan site

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(CNN)"The Matrix" is back with a archetypal look astatine the 4th installment of the movie franchise.

An interactive website called WhatIsTheMatrix.com has launched, offering fans a sneak peek astatine footage from the film.

But it comes with a catch.

    Visitors to the tract are faced with choices that volition find what they see. After selecting a reddish oregon bluish pill, a teaser for your prime volition play. (In 'The Matrix' the reddish pill freed Keanu Reeves' Neo. The bluish pill would person trapped him successful his mendacious reality.)

      One of the teasers says, "This is the infinitesimal for you to amusement america what is real. Right present you judge it's..." (current time) "...but that couldn't beryllium further from the truth. Could beryllium this is the archetypal time of the remainder of your life, but if you privation it, you gotta combat for it."

      Another 1 asks, "Do you retrieve however you got here? "You've mislaid your capableness to discern world from fiction. What's existent is present and now. Anything other is conscionable your caput playing tricks connected you. It becomes a occupation erstwhile fantasies endanger us. We don't privation anyone to get hurt, bash we?"

      The previews amusement assorted characters played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Jada Pinkett Smith arsenic Niobe and Carrie-Anne Moss arsenic Trinity.

      A afloat trailer is acceptable to driblet connected Thursday. Attendees astatine CinemaCon got an beforehand screening of the trailer.

        "The Matrix" was a deed successful 1999. Reeves plays machine programmer, Neo, wh owas freed from the Matrix due to the fact that helium was "The One" who could manipulate the Matrix.

        The latest installment is directed by Lana Wachowski.

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