The First Persona 25th Anniversary Reveal Video Showcases Anime, Concerts, And Next Stream Date

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Over the summer, Atlas launched a website dedicated to Persona’s 25th anniversary, stating that 7 breathtaking reveals were connected the way, starting with the archetypal 1 successful September. New merchandise and Persona 6 were confirmed soon after, but yesterday marks the merchandise of that archetypal anticipated uncover video. Persona 5’s feline mascot – and recently appointed ambassador for the 25th-anniversary run – Morgana took to the signifier to congratulate Atlus connected its acclaimed tally with its beloved JRPG/high schoolhouse sim franchise. Here's what fans tin expect to spot successful the coming months nether the “Persona 25th Times” contented banner (watch the video with closed-captions enabled if you can't recognize Japanese!): 

The quality revealed during yesterday’s watercourse showcased Japan-based content. For instance, each past Persona animes volition beryllium disposable for streaming successful Japan connected Amazon Prime, Hulu, and different services. This announcement includes the Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 series. The Persona 3 movie and Persona Trinity Soul (the series’ archetypal anime that you’ve astir apt ne'er heard of) volition beryllium accessible too. Moreover, a peculiar orchestral performance celebrating the 25th day volition instrumentality spot connected November 21 astatine the Tokyo Opera City Hall;  your favourite songs from the franchise volition get classical rearrangements. Tickets spell connected merchantability starting today, truthful if you’re already surviving successful the area, you’re successful luck. Sadly, Japan is inactive enforcing strict question regulations, but hopefully, the show volition beryllium streamed online. Lastly, limited-time merch, including a Persona 3-themed watch, is connected merchantability now, truthful caput implicit to the Atlus website to cheque retired the catalog. 

Morgana pauses towards the extremity of the stream, specified words distant from spoiling the adjacent uncover slated for December. We’ll person to hold a fewer much months to find retired what other is connected the skyline for Persona. 

Sure, yesterday’s video was targeted astatine fans successful Japan, but what bash you deliberation the December watercourse volition showcase? Drop your speculations down below.

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