The Crumbleys Will Be Sitting In Prison Because They Ran

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The parents of the Michigan schoolhouse shooter who fled aft being charged with manslaughter made their ineligible problems overmuch worse by running.


Former FBI authoritative Chuck Rosenberg says that the US Marshalls and the FBI volition drawback the Crumbleys, and they outgo themselves immoderate accidental of bond, and their moving volition interaction the situation condemnation that they receive.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 3, 2021

Chuck Rosenberg said connected MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

 First of all, these parents person apparently made tons of atrocious decisions successful raising their child. It is not astonishing they would make different truly atrocious decision by trying to run. That mightiness enactment successful the movies. In existent life, it doesn’t work. You would person to beryllium precise savvy, very smart, astir apt rich, and incredibly fortunate to beryllium capable to run. 

So if the authorities authorities are looking for them and the FBI and the U.S. Marshal service,  they’re going to find them. That said, moving besides has other ramifications, arsenic Frank well knows. It is an denotation of guilt. If determination was ever a accidental they would get enslaved connected the charges of involuntary manslaughter, that’s gone. And it could besides impact whatever condemnation they person at the extremity of the day. Bad decisions to this point, bad decisions now. Running is simply a unspeakable idea. And it works successful the movie, but not successful existent life. 

This was different superb portion of Trumper logic. The Crumbleys whitethorn person been capable to get bail if they had shown up astatine their arraignment, but moving means that they are a formation hazard and volition beryllium sitting successful jailhouse until the extremity of their trial.

There were plentifulness of informing signs that these parents ignored. The Crumbleys enabled their lad to sprout 11 people, and they are trying to debar accountability for their imaginable crimes.

The Crumbleys took a horrific concern and made it overmuch worse.

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