The Canon EOS R3 can focus on a subject just by you looking at it

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(Pocket-lint) - After teasing the camera backmost successful April, the Canon EOS R3 has present been officially revealed - and this mirrorless camera designed for sports shooters has immoderate next-level exertion up its sleeve.

One of the astir awesome of which is Eye Control AF, an autofocus strategy which enables you to absorption connected a taxable by simply looking astatine it done the viewfinder. 

Autofocus is simply a cardinal absorption for the R3 - which Canon says sits in-between the EOS 1D X MkIII and EOS R5 DSLR cameras - arsenic it besides includes eye-tracking, face-tracking, the quality to way bodies of some radical and animals, positive - for the archetypal clip successful an EOS camera - there's conveyance tracking. 

Under the hood the EOS R3 has a marque caller backside-illuminated (BSI) stacked 24.1-megapixel full-frame sensor, paired with the EOS RF lens mount. Via an adapter it's imaginable to usage Canon's EF lenses with afloat autofocus (i.e. those lenses designed for its DSLR systems).

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The solution isn't arsenic ultra-resolute arsenic immoderate cameras, but this is emblematic for cameras designed for sports shooting. It besides enables super-fast shooting to beryllium much practical, with 30fps burst seizure astatine afloat solution imaginable without the camera breaking a sweat. 

Video seizure hasn't been overlooked either, with 6K earthy seizure imaginable - and there's nary bounds to signaling time, with Canon breaking the 29min 59sec maximum seizure (that's typically levied against stills cameras, lone 'video cameras' for taxation purposes tin grounds for longer).

It's each speed, speed, speed past - with super-fast focus, super-fast tracking and super-fast burst shooting each portion and parcel of this camera. 

It doesn't travel cheap, of course, with the UK body-only starting terms of £5,879 firmly asserting that the R3 is precise overmuch a camera for professionals.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 14 September 2021.

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