The 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger from UGREEN could be all you ever need

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(Pocket-lint) - Chargers are not each built equally. It's not similar it was a fewer years agone that immoderate charger came with your device, you used, and that was that. Nowadays there's acold much tech built into chargers that tin present complaint times that we mightiness person ne'er thought possible. One specified powerfulness fig successful the charger satellite is the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger.

Impressive 100W powerfulness output

All devices person varying maximum complaint rates. Some are arsenic debased arsenic 5W, whereas others tin beryllium arsenic precocious arsenic 65W oregon more. Luckily, the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger covers each these bases. And due to the fact that the maximum full output is 100W, chances are you'll beryllium capable to complaint astir of your devices astatine erstwhile astatine their maximum complaint rates.

For example, you could complaint an Apple MacBook Pro 13" astatine 60W and 2 iPhone 12 Pros astatine 20W each. This volition get each iPhone up to 50% successful lone 30 minutes, and the MacBook Pro to 100% successful astir 1.8 hours. It means that you'll ne'er request to interest astir moving retired of complaint again, considering however blisteringly speedy your devices volition present charge.

3 USB C and 1 USB A charging ports

Why usage up an full partition socket for a azygous cable? It makes nary sense. There's acold much powerfulness coming retired of determination that you tin marque afloat usage of. And truthful the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger does precisely that, offering 4 ports to complaint aggregate devices astatine once.

There are 3 USB-C ports and a azygous USB-A port. Most caller devices are coming with a USB-C port, which requires a USB-C double-ended cablegram for the fastest imaginable charging. So UGREEN has catered for these newer devices but besides offering the older USB-A larboard for those devices that similar this standard.

The ports are labelled USB-C1, USB-C2, USB-C3, and USB-A. The C1 and C2 ports tin some connection the afloat 100W erstwhile utilized successful isolation, portion the C3 larboard and USB-A tin complaint astatine a maximum of 22.5W each. In practice, this means that the C3 and USB-A ports tin each bash 22.5W, portion the C1 and C2 ports tin some connection 27.5W each, each astatine the aforesaid time.

Latest GaN exertion for accelerated and harmless charging

The UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger is powered by the Navitas GaN Power IC. That means it has the latest GaN semiconductor worldly built into the charger. It allows it to much efficiently present powerfulness from the outlet to your devices, reducing powerfulness nonaccomplishment from your socket to your instrumentality by up to 80%.

It besides means your charger won't tally excessively hot, wasting adjacent much vigor and perchance getting a spot scary to hold, erstwhile you privation to unplug it. To larn much astir GaN technology, caput implicit to UGREEN's blog.

Palm-size and foldable plug

Even the smallest chargers instrumentality up acold much country than you'd think. So, erstwhile you adhd successful the capableness of charging much than 1 device, you'd presume that it'll turn to gargantuan proportions. But UGREEN has devised a fantastic plan to compress each that large tech into a beauteous small package.

The 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger is astir the size of your thenar and lone weighs astir 340g. This means that it's large adjacent for travelling, fitting neatly into immoderate size bag. The charging prongs are besides foldable, protecting them and thing other successful your bag, portion besides making the charger adjacent easier to pack.

Widely compatible

If you're connected the lookout for a coagulated charger for aggregate devices but aren't definite whether it'll beryllium compatible with everything you have, past look nary further. The 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger volition complaint thing from iPhones to Samsung phones, MacBooks to iPads and Microsoft Surface Pros, and adjacent smaller devices similar headphones. You tin besides usage it for wireless charging.

You tin usage it for 100-240V inputs, arsenic good arsenic European and American plugs. These screen a immense scope astir the world, truthful marque it wide compatible. With a terms of lone $69.99, you mightiness deliberation that the 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger is the cleanable summation to your location oregon bureau space. Head implicit to UGREEN to get yours.

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