Jared Kushner Has Found A Way To Take Dark Money Bribes From The Middle East

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Jared Kushner was successful complaint of Middle East argumentation during the Trump administration, and present helium is hitting up the Persian Gulf states for hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to The New York Times:

Now, successful a determination that has raised eyebrows among diplomats, investors, and morals watchdogs, Mr. Kushner is trying to rise wealth from the Persian Gulf states for a caller concern steadfast helium has founded. So far, helium is having lone mixed success.


But his inquiries to Middle Eastern sovereign wealthiness funds person raised questions astir the morals — oregon astatine slightest the optics — of seeking to rise ample sums from officials helium had dealt with connected behalf of the U.S. authorities arsenic precocious arsenic January, particularly fixed the anticipation of Mr. Trump moving for president successful 2024.

Let’s Be Honest, Kushner Is Taking Bribes For Future Trump Political Favors

With his father-in-law looking to tally for president again successful 2024, Jared Kushner appears to beryllium utilizing the concern funds arsenic a beforehand to support currency from Saudi Arabia flowing into the Trump family.

Just arsenic Donald Trump is privately telling everyone that helium is moving for president successful 2024, but helium won’t denote due to the fact that helium is trying to dodge run concern and disclosure laws, Kushner is utilizing an “investment fund” to amass currency from the Persian Gulf, and the states that springiness volition beryllium expecting thing successful instrumentality if Trump ever returns to the White House.

It is the aforesaid scam that the Trump household ran during the 2016 statesmanlike run and portion helium was president. Trump covered up the Khashoggi execution for the Saudi royal family. He and Kushner did thing arsenic the Saudis attacked Yemen. Just similar with Russia, U.S. argumentation was for merchantability nether Donald Trump.

The Trumps are retired of power, but the cognition is inactive running, and that means that Trump and Kushner correspond a terrible menace to nationalist security should they ever beryllium returned to power.

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