GTFO Is Out Now

1 year ago 245

We’ve known astir the co-op fearfulness FPS called GTFO for a agelong clip now, and the crippled has been successful Early Access for precisely 2 years. For the game’s 2nd day of play, 10 Chambers Collective has released the afloat motorboat version.

GTFO follows a radical of prisoners who are sent down into a unsafe crater by a mysterious idiosyncratic named the Warden, determination to scavenge for supplies and weapons and implicit a assortment of tasks. The enactment focuses connected four-player teamwork, wherever you indispensable equilibrium stealth and much progressive combat situations to past and escape. The crippled has won praise successful its aboriginal entree signifier for its tense enactment and scary moments.

The crippled is present disposable to play successful afloat connected PC, and you tin ticker the gameplay trailer below.

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