'Tense times' for Ricciardo at Dutch Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo has struggled to a disappointing 11th spot decorativeness astatine the Dutch Grand Prix, with mechanical issues making for a agelong afternoon.

The Australian started 10th and ran successful 9th spot aboriginal on, but couldn't support that pace, dropping retired of the points precocious successful the race.

He finished down his teammate Lando Norris, who had started 13th.

Ricciardo's issues began adjacent earlier the lights went out.

"He was successful a spot of a flap I deliberation astatine the beginning, rather virtually waving his arms around," erstwhile F1 operator Anthony Davidson said connected Sky Sports aft the race.

Daniel Ricciardo finished 11th astatine the Dutch Grand Prix. (Getty)

"He couldn't get into archetypal gear. He's acceptable to abort the commencement present and it's conscionable seconds distant from the lights going on.

"He yet gets into archetypal (gear) but he's got this connection connected the steering wheel.

"Anyway, the lights are conscionable astir to travel connected and helium tin past constitute himself get backmost into business.

"But that was a beauteous scary infinitesimal for Daniel, helium felt rather unsocial determination I should imagine.

"Real tense times astatine the commencement arsenic you tin imagine."

Former satellite champion Nico Rosberg said it was different disappointing effect for the Australia, who has yet to decorativeness connected the podium successful 2021.

Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grand Prix successful beforehand of a immense location crowd. (Getty)

"Strange 1 for Daniel," helium said connected Sky Sports.

"It's a large setback due to the fact that helium started truthful powerfully successful qualifying and past Q3, thing wasn't going well, his tyres acceptable oregon immoderate truthful helium was lone 10th.

"Then successful the race, helium conscionable dropped backmost and back. So yeah, that's a disappointing one, particularly with Lando coming backmost again truthful strongly."

Ricciardo said aft the contention helium struggled with a clutch contented astatine the start, but admitted helium "struggled" done the race.

Max Verstappen celebrates his triumph astatine the Dutch Grand Prix. (Getty)

Red Bull operator Max Verstappen scored a fashionable location win, starring location Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Verstappen present has a 3 constituent pb successful the championship, with 9 races remaining.

"Incredible feeling, of course, to triumph successful beforehand of the fans, due to the fact that the king was watching with the royal family," Verstappen said. "Just an astonishing day."

"The expectations were precocious and it's ne'er casual to fulfil that.

"But I'm truthful blessed to triumph present and to instrumentality the pb arsenic good successful the championship. It's conscionable an astonishing time with the full crowd."

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