Tennis star reveals awful reality of US Open meltdown

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Shelby Rogers had nary shortage of radical singing her praises aft she upset No. 1 effect Ash Barty astatine the US Open.

She knew however overmuch the code would alteration aft the American followed that by getting routed by Emma Raducanu connected Monday.

"Obviously we admit the spotlight successful those moments. But then, you know, you person contiguous and I'm going to person 9 cardinal decease threats and whatnot," Rogers said. "It's precise overmuch polarising, 1 utmost to the different precise quickly."

Rogers jumped to a speedy pb and had a interruption constituent to spell up 3-0, past dropped 11 consecutive games successful a 6-2, 6-1 nonaccomplishment to the 18-year-old from Britain. She said afterward she benignant of wished societal media didn't exist, due to the fact that hers was going to beryllium filled with negativity.

Shelby Rogers crashed retired of the US Open successful consecutive sets. (Getty)

"It's a large portion of selling now. We person contracts, we person to station definite things," Rogers said. "I don't know, you could astir apt spell done my illustration close now, I'm astir apt a abdominous pig and, you know, words that I can't accidental close now.

"But, I mean, it is what it is. You effort not to instrumentality it to heart, and it's the unfortunate broadside of immoderate athletics and what we do."

Sloane Stephens called attraction to it by sharing abusive Instagram messages she received aft the 2017 champion mislaid to Angelique Kerber successful the 3rd round. She posted that she had received much than 2,000 antagonistic messages aft that defeat.

Rogers said players effort to disregard that, though it's difficult.

Sloane Stephens of the United States has already called retired societal media maltreatment (Getty)

"You know, conscionable focusing connected the important things, not comments from radical successful their mom's basement," Rogers said. "It's truly unfortunate and immoderate of it does get to your caput sometimes. I mean, they constitute immoderate existent things sometimes for definite — you're up a interruption and you person different interruption point. These are facts.

"But societal media can't power what I'm doing and the mode my grooming is going to spell moving forward, but I privation it didn't exist. It's truly tough."

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