Teenager to replace Whincup in Supercars shakeup

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Jamie Whincup volition discontinue from full-time driving astatine the extremity of the 2021 season.

Red Bull Ampol Racing has named 18-year-old Broc Feeney arsenic Jamie Whincup's replacement for the 2022 season.

Whincup had antecedently announced this twelvemonth would beryllium his past arsenic a full-time driver, arsenic helium steps into his caller relation arsenic Managing Director of the team.

Feeney has signed a multi-year woody to spouse reigning Bathurst champion Shane van Gisbergen. He presently leads second-tier Super2 bid aft the archetypal 3 rounds.

"It's an astonishing accidental for maine to beryllium replacing 'The GOAT', Jamie Whincup. It's truthful surreal for maine astatine the moment, but I deliberation it volition commencement to footwear successful astatine the commencement of adjacent year," Feeney said.

Broc Feeney volition regenerate Jamie Whincup for 2022. (Red Bull Ampol Racing)

"To beryllium aligned with this astonishing squad successful my Super2 play and to beryllium promoted into the main bid is simply a imagination travel true. To beryllium honest, I ever wanted to get to Supercars, but to beryllium down the instrumentality of a Red Bull Ampol Racing instrumentality is beauteous exciting.

"I knew astatine the commencement of the twelvemonth that determination was an accidental to regenerate Jamie, and it each depended connected however my results went this year. This present feels similar a large reward."

Feeney said the quality came arsenic a astonishment erstwhile squad brag Roland Dane approached him.

"When Roland told maine the quality I was successful shock. He explained everything to maine and fundamentally asked however it sounded – I said it sounded bloody awesome!

"I got retired of that gathering and rang my parents consecutive away. It was specified a large alleviation arsenic we've each enactment successful truthful overmuch effort the past fewer years, and it's a time I'll ne'er forget."

Jamie Whincup volition discontinue from full-time driving astatine the extremity of the 2021 season. (Getty)

Whincup, who is inactive successful contention for an eighth Supercars championship, explained the determination to spell with a rookie.

"I deliberation immoderate radical volition look astatine this determination and deliberation we would person gone successful an 'established driver' direction, but we're not a squad that takes things conservatively," helium said.

"We instrumentality risks astatine Triple Eight, we're connected the beforehand ft and we person a ace and pb with our gut feel, and it seemed close to springiness Broc the opportunity.

"Of course, there's an constituent of skill, but much importantly than that, surely for me, is you request idiosyncratic with bully morals and a bully cognition who knows the explanation of hard work.

"Broc ticks each of those boxes, but present it's up to america to marque definite we springiness him a fantastic car and physique a fantastic squad astir him."

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