Ted Cruz Plans To Nuke The Economy By Blocking Debt Limit Hike

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is readying to entity to a unanimous consent petition that would let Democrats to rise the indebtedness bounds with nary Republican votes.

Cruz has told reporters that helium volition entity to Chuck Schumer’s unanimous consent request:

Ted Cruz says helium volition entity to Leader Schumer's petition to rise the indebtedness bounds contiguous with 50 votes.

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) September 28, 2021

Senate Republicans said that they wanted Democrats to rise the indebtedness bounds connected their own, but erstwhile Democrats effort to bash what Republicans wanted, the GOP turns astir and blocks Democrats from doing what they supposedly support.

Ted Cruz is doing this due to the fact that helium thinks that it volition beryllium bully authorities for him. Cruz is plotting different tally astatine the White House successful 2024, truthful arsenic usual, helium is abusing his level arsenic a US Senator and harming his constituents by putting his ain statesmanlike ambitions first.

Republicans are mounting themselves up for a monolithic failure.

Leave it to Ted Cruz, who has the second-worst judgement successful the Republican Party down Trump, to deliberation that tanking the system and causing a recession volition assistance him triumph the White House successful 2024.

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