Afghanistan: Political affairs chief has ‘frank and useful exchanges’ with the Taliban  

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The UN’s Political and Peacebuilding Affairs chief, Rosemary DiCarlo, concluded a three-day sojourn to Afghanistan on Thursday in which she met with elder Taliban representatives, urging them not to “erase” gains made by women and girls crossed the state in recent years.  

“I had frank and utile exchanges astir what needed to beryllium done to bring astir an Afghanistan that is inclusive, abides by its quality rights obligations and is simply a resolute spouse successful suppressing terrorism,” she said

During her discussions, the Under-Secretary-General stressed the value of ensuring that each Afghans – men, women, younker and spiritual and taste groups – tin instrumentality portion successful governance and nationalist life. 

“The Afghan radical and the satellite are precise funny successful the steps the de facto authorities volition instrumentality successful this regard”, she added.  

Ms. DiCarlo besides highlighted “serious and understandable concern” astir the concern of women and girls successful the country.  

“As I heard again during my visit, the women and girls of Afghanistan privation to beryllium capable to spell to school, enactment and instrumentality portion successful nationalist life, escaped of discrimination”, she recalled. “The advancement that was made successful this country indispensable not beryllium erased.” 

Continued support 

In the capital Kabul from 7 to 9 December, Ms. DiCarlo met a wide scope of Taliban representatives, governmental figures, women leaders, members of civilian nine and the diplomatic community.  

The UN has been successful Afghanistan since 1949 and, arsenic demonstrated during the caller crisis, we bash not mean to wantonness the Afghan people”, Ms. DiCarlo said. 

She reiterated that the UN remains committed to the radical of Afghanistan and volition proceed to enactment their efforts to physique an inclusive, conscionable and peaceful society.  

Humanitarian situation 

The Under-Secretary-General besides discussed the country’s humanitarian situation, which has importantly deteriorated successful the past year. 

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), some 23 cardinal Afghans necessitate urgent nutrient assistance, a fig ne'er seen before. This includes much than 3 cardinal children who are astatine hazard of terrible hunger and the life-threatening consequences of malnutrition. 

In response, the United Nations has scaled up its aid, providing millions of Afghans with food, healthcare and nutritional support. 

The occupation has been compounded by the liquidity situation and alteration successful transportation of basal services that emerged pursuing the Taliban takeover. 

Ms. DiCarlo said that international fiscal institutions are continuing to work with the planetary assemblage to alleviate the liquidity concern and forestall a full economical and societal breakdown. 

Ms. DiCarlo concluded commending the enactment of the UN Assistance Mission successful Afghanistan (UNAMA) and other UN staff.  

Humanitarian request should triple 

In the three-month play of September done November, humanitarian partners person reached 8 cardinal Afghans with nutrient assistance, informed the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General this Thursday.  

Among them, determination was 150,000 radical who received alleviation items and 130,000 children with community-based acquisition activities. 

In the aforesaid period, much than 1.1 cardinal radical person besides received superior and secondary health-care services and much than 200,000 children were treated for acute malnutrition. 

In addition, 45,000 radical received extortion assistance, including cash, and 488,000 radical received water, sanitation and hygiene assistance. 

Currently, the Afghan Flash Appeal is much than 100 per cent funded. The Humanitarian Response Plan is 84 per cent funded. 

With the worsening concern successful the country, the Spokesperson said, the humanitarian request is expected to triple successful 2022. 

In Afghanistan, 23 cardinal  million radical   are facing utmost  levels of hunger portion    3.5 cardinal  person  been displaced by conflict.

© UNHCR/Dustin Okazaki

In Afghanistan, 23 cardinal million radical are facing utmost levels of hunger portion 3.5 cardinal person been displaced by conflict.

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