Take oral hygiene to the next level with the stylish Oclean W10 and Oclean Flow

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(Pocket-lint) - Maintaining optimal oral hygiene involves flossing and brushing regularly utilizing the close techniques. Most radical conflict to floss regularly due to the fact that the process is tedious (and often painful). Smart h2o flossers and electrical toothbrushes springiness you the flexibility and convenience indispensable to support optimal oral hygiene, thereby ensuring your teeth and gums stay steadfast for a lifetime.

Oclean, 1 of the world’s pioneers successful astute oral and dental attraction technologies, has launched a stylish and compact h2o flosser called Oclean W10, pursuing intimately aft their immensely palmy electrical toothbrush, Oclean Flow. The h2o flosser is designed with a minimalist conception and a manus strap, making it convenient for usage anyplace you want.

Oclean is hosting a flash merchantability connected their authoritative website from the 23rd of August to the 30th of September 2021. If you acquisition Oclean W10 and Oclean Flow from the authoritative website during this period, you tin person a important discount and a complimentary question bag. So hurry up and update your oral hygiene products earlier the clip runs out!

Oclean W10 & Oclean Flow promotion details

Oclean W10

  • Product Price: $59.99
  • Bundle: W10 Green + W10 PINK
  • Bundle Price: $114.99 + complimentary “travel bag”
  • Buy here

Oclean Flow

  • Bundle: Oclean Flow + 4 electrical toothbrush heads
  • Final Price: $29.99 (43% off)
  • Buy here

Oclean W10: a stylish h2o flosser for each purposes

The Oclean W10 is an incredibly stylish and sleek h2o flosser disposable successful 2 colours — pastel greenish and pink. It’s made with a minimalist conception and features a manus strap for improved grip, making it convenient for usage astatine home, work, oregon portion travelling.

The Oclean W10 delivers 0.66mm waterjet astatine 1400 pulses per infinitesimal to dislodge each the nutrient debris stuck successful the interdental spaces betwixt the teeth. It features 5 unsocial travel modes and 4 nozzles, making it perfect for tackling antithetic dental requirements and braces. Some of the nozzles are specially designed to cleanable the gums and tongue, helping you support optimal gingival health.

Primary Features:

  • Features 5 unsocial oral irrigation modes for antithetic purposes and sensitivities
  • Includes a remaining h2o measurement reminder, which calculates the remaining usage time
  • Includes 4 antithetic nozzles for antithetic purposes, specified arsenic cleaning teeth with braces, nutrient stuck betwixt the teeth, users with delicate gums, and cleaning interdental spaces
  • Lasts for up to 4 hours with a azygous charge
  • Features a type-C USB input for wide applicability

Usage Scenarios:

  • Braces: People with braces tin usage the W10 to region nutrient debris easily.
  • Food Debris: The h2o pitchy from W10 efficaciously dislodges nutrient debris stuck betwixt teeth.
  • Sensitive Gums: The W10 features periodontal nozzles and an irrigation mode suitable for radical with highly delicate gums.
  • Interdental Spaces: The W10 features nozzles specially designed to cleanable gaps betwixt the teeth and forestall bony decay.

How to Use Oclean W10?

  1. Press the unlock fastener and insert the due nozzle.
  2. Open the lid and refill the h2o tank.
  3. Select the due oral irrigation mode according to your requirements.
  4. Aim the flosser betwixt your teeth and deed the commencement button.
  5. Wash and rinse the flosser underwater and adust it with a portion of cloth.

Do you truly request to floss?

A h2o flosser is an optimized oral attraction summation to your regular daily to heavy cleanable interdental areas and on the gum enactment wherever insufficient cleaning mightiness origin superior dental disease.

What’s the rule of a h2o flosser?

A h2o flosser is similar a high-pressure h2o pitchy that tin cleanable each parts of a car, and the h2o flosser adopts this rule to cleanable teeth. It tin besides amended the cleaning effect by adding antithetic functions, unit adjustment, frequence changes, etc.

What are the benefits of h2o flossers?

The h2o flosser delivers a almighty h2o pitchy to not lone cleanable the teeth but besides massage the gums with its h2o flow, which promotes humor circulation successful the gums, strengthens the section insubstantial resistance, and eliminates atrocious enactment caused by mediocre oral hygiene.

The h2o flosser is much effectual than different devices successful treating plaque and gingivitis. If utilized daily, it tin forestall dental disease, and compared to flossing, the h2o flosser is much teeth and periodontium affable and causes astir zero harm to the gums.

Oclean Flow: a sleek and portable electrical toothbrush

Oclean Flow is an highly sleek electrical toothbrush with a artillery beingness of up to 180 days, which means astir radical lone request to complaint it doubly a year. It’s an entry-level and tenable electrical toothbrush with a almighty centrifugal of up to 38000 rpm.

The Oclean Flow besides features 5 show modes for antithetic types of uses and sensitivities. The Morning and Night modes diagnostic antithetic vibration strengths, and an inbuilt 2-minute timer ensures you cleanable your teeth for the perfect magnitude of time.

Primary Features:

  • Features 5 brushing modes with antithetic vibration strengths and frequencies
  • Superior brushing spot than different similarly-priced electrical toothbrushes
  • Lasts for up to 180 days with a azygous charge
  • Features a type-C USB input for wide applicability

Usage Scenarios:

  • Travellers: It’s perfect for question enthusiasts and concern travellers due to the fact that it’s lightweight and lasts for up to 180 days with a azygous charge.
  • First-Time Users: It features 5 unsocial brushing modes, making it perfect for first-time users who request to beryllium guided done the perfect brushing techniques.

Advantages of the Oclean authoritative website

If you’re funny successful the Oclean W10 and Oclean Flow, you should ideally get these products from the authoritative website. They’re offering an content promotion connected the website, allowing you to acquisition these products astatine a important discount and person complimentary accessories, specified arsenic further toothbrush heads oregon a traveller bag.

The pursuing are immoderate of the different advantages of buying astatine the authoritative website:

  • Return and speech argumentation for the archetypal 30 days
  • A warranty play of 2 years
  • Duty-free
  • Prompt lawsuit service

Oclean has established itself arsenic 1 of the starring producers of astute oral and dental attraction technologies. With the Oclean W10 and Flow, you tin genuinely instrumentality your dental hygiene to the adjacent level.

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