Syria ‘caught in a downward spiral’ UN relief chief tells Security Council 

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The UN humanitarian affairs chief warned on Wednesday that Syria, aft much than a decennary of war, remains “caught successful a downward spiral” and that “the state volition proceed to beryllium a spot of tragedy, so agelong arsenic the struggle continues.” 

Martin Griffiths, who besides serves arsenic Emergency Relief Coordinator, briefed the Security Council, following a visit to the portion astatine the extremity of past month. 

He highlighted expanding needs, continuing problems accessing hard-to-reach areas, and the request for capable backing to respond. 

One 13-year-old miss told maine that, aft years of destructive conflict, “we conscionable privation to unrecorded and consciousness safe.”

The children pled for entree to school, wellness care, water, electricity, substance up of winter. Women I met with shared the aforesaid requests. (8/13)

— Martin Griffiths (@UNReliefChief) August 31, 2021

‘Constructive discussions’ 

For Mr. Griffiths, his sojourn offered an accidental for “candid and constructive discussions”, including successful Damascus with the Foreign Minister and his Deputy; and successful Ankara, with the Presidential Spokesman and Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister. 

His chief conclusion was that “humanitarian needs successful Syria are greater than they person ever been.” 

An estimated 13.4 cardinal radical across the country require humanitarian assistance; a 21 per cent summation compared to the twelvemonth earlier and the highest since 2017. 

Even with these numbers, Mr. Griffiths said “the lived world is adjacent much dire than figures tin describe.” 

“I spoke determination with women, men and children, about the profound effects of much than 10 years of conflict. Children asked for assistance to learn, to person wellness care, and for substance to past the upcoming winter. 

“Women-headed households spoke of the challenges they person successful uncovering income, astir nary of them having specified income available, arsenic good arsenic for their families to survive,” he recalled.  

Billions much needed 

The Syria Humanitarian Response Plan, astatine $4.2 cardinal a year, is the largest and astir costly worldwide, but lone 27 per cent of the effect is funded. Just implicit a 4th of the radical successful request person a accidental of gathering their needs done this humanitarian operation.  

“Even if this full increases successful the coming months, done the effect and generosity of donors – which I anticipation it volition – backing is not keeping gait with the increasing needs of Syrians. This is simply a cardinal and nonsubjective reality,” the relief main said.  

He besides asked the UN and partners to bash “much, overmuch more” to enactment radical successful Syria connected the way towards recovery, including new programmes focused connected aboriginal recovery. He said that, currently, only 10 per cent of the wide Humanitarian Response Plan goes to aboriginal recovery.  

Peace and security 

His visit to Damascus coincided with continued tensions successful confederate Syria, peculiarly astir the neighborhood of Dara’a Al-Balad, where 36,000 people were recently displaced. 

He welcomed the caller agreement, saying the “ceasefire is an important development”, but stressed the request to see if it holds. 

The humanitarian main believes “need and suffering volition proceed to turn successful the adjacent term”, but said helium returned with “a renewed committedness and condemnation to identify, make and put successful sustainable and effectual ways to help.” 

He recognized the complexity of the task, but said it is what the Council members and the countries they correspond beryllium to the radical of Syria.  

“They proceed to suffer, and those children that I met successful that schoolroom successful Aleppo proceed to person an uncertain future, and it is our occupation to bring immoderate benignant of consolation successful that future,” he concluded. 

A young miss  and a pistillate   locomotion  past   destroyed buildings successful  the metropolis  of Maarat al-Numaan successful  Idlib, Syria.

© UNICEF/Giovanni Diffidenti

A young miss and a pistillate locomotion past destroyed buildings successful the metropolis of Maarat al-Numaan successful Idlib, Syria.

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