Sweetgreen CEO Deletes Post Saying Obesity is the “Root Cause” of Covid-19

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Sweetgreen CEO Jonathan Neman is facing dense disapproval aft helium wrote a LinkedIn station successful which helium claimed that obesity is the “root cause” of wellness issues, including COVID-19. Neman deleted the station pursuing backlash.

78% of hospitalizations owed to COVID are Obese and Overweight people. Is determination an underlying occupation that possibly we person not fixed capable attraction to? Is determination different mode to deliberation astir however we tackle “healthcare” by addressing the basal cause?” Neman wrote successful the post, which has been preserved connected the Internet Archive.

What if we focused connected the ROOT CAUSE and utilized this pandemic arsenic a catalyst for creating a healthier future??” helium continued, adding: “We intelligibly person nary occupation with authorities overreach connected however we unrecorded our lives each successful the sanction of “health,” nevertheless we are creating much problems than we are solving.”

Neman besides suggested that  “no vaccine nor disguise volition prevention us” from the virus, though helium noted that helium is vaccinated and supports arsenic galore radical getting the changeable arsenic possible.

He deleted the station aft it received attraction from Vice News.

There is overwhelming grounds that vaccines prevention lives. Despite the hazard posed by the highly contagious Delta variant, Covid-19 vaccines forestall terrible illness, hospitalizations, and death. Masks person besides been shown to forestall transmission.

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