Strava drops subscription requirement for live tracking feature

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(Pocket-lint) - Strava has been backmost and distant with the features it offers escaped oregon with a subscription successful caller years. But it has present made 1 of its utile features escaped for each app users.

That diagnostic is Beacon, the unrecorded tracking enactment that volition fto others travel your way and cheque up connected wherever you've got to. For those heading retired connected agelong rides oregon runs, it offers bid of caput to household who tin conscionable cheque wherever you've got to.

Previously, this was bundled up into Strava's subscription offering, but present anyone tin usage it - arsenic agelong arsenic you're utilizing the Strava app connected your smartphone.

That's an important happening to note, due to the fact that this doesn't widen to different iterations of the work - if you usage Apple Watch oregon a Garmin device to auto-start Beacon, that won't use (however determination are different services specified arsenic Garmin's ain unrecorded tracking done Garmin Connect which you could usage escaped instead).

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The main beneficiaries volition beryllium those who way their rides, runs oregon different activities and instrumentality their smartphone with them.

Strava has precocious gone done a broad redesign of the app and it hugely fashionable with progressive radical for keeping way of each their activities, careless of the level they usage to show those activities.

While the smartphone app is simply a large archetypal larboard of call, there's casual syncing from Apple Watch, Polar, Garmin and galore different sports devices, allowing you to usage Strava arsenic your 1 level for tracking each your efforts, alternatively than a antithetic level for each device.

Strava's Summit subscription work offers a batch much penetration into performance, allows a overmuch greater scope of functions of the work and is recommended for anyone wanting to support way of their progressive lifestyle.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 1 September 2021.

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