St Kilda hit back at scathing draft takedown

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St Kilda person defended their opening-round draught enactment of South Australia's Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera implicit section Josh Sinn, pursuing disapproval from Brownlow medallist Gerard Healy.

The Saints selected Wanganen-Milera with prime 11, earlier Port Adelaide snatched Sinn with prime 12.

It prompted Healy to gully attraction to the 'go-home risks' that travel with drafting players from interstate.

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"Why would you instrumentality a wingman from interstate with each the issues associated with it erstwhile you person a kid successful your ain heartland?" Healy said connected 3AW.

St Kilda overlooked section prima Josh Sinn during the opening circular of the AFL draft. (Getty)

Sinn captained the Sandringham Dragons and Vic Metro, adding to the signifier of players who person shown fantabulous enactment and talent, lone to gaffe down the bid of the draft.

"The draught has been littered historically with captains being overlooked and invariably returning to embarrass those who person ignored them," Healy said.

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But St Kilda database manager James Gallagher has deed backmost successful an interrogation with Code Sports, saying "geography doesn't play a large relation successful our recruiting".

"We deliberation we've got a nine that radical privation to enactment at," Gallagher said.

The 2021 AFL draught is complete. (Getty)

Despite having not seen either subordinate successful action, Healy was skeptical of whether the Saints had made the close decision.

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"Both of them, I'm sure, are terrific young players," Healy said.

"But it doesn't look to maine that determination is capable betwixt them to make each the issues associated with relocation arsenic opposed to sending a motorcycle to the extremity of South Road."

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