Steel Assault Arrives On PC And Switch Later This Month

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Looking for immoderate 16-bit platforming action? You won’t person to hold excessively agelong for Steel Assault, which comes to Switch and PC (Steam) connected September 28.  Check retired the trailer beneath for a look astatine what’s successful store for Zenovia Interactive’s upcoming rubric that’s aiming to present an authentic 90’s arcade experience. But hold – the games successful that epoch were reasonably unforgiving and ate distant astatine people’s 4th reserves! Have nary fear, arsenic Steel Assault comes with a assortment of trouble options, including “retro hard” for those who truly privation to acquisition it successful arcade level glory. Check retired the merchandise day trailer close here.

While the crippled was antecedently announced for PC, it’s large to spot that it’s present launching aforesaid time and day connected the Nintendo Switch. We didn’t person a merchandise date, and present it’s going to beryllium present successful astir 2 weeks! Are you looking guardant to Steel Assault? Is this your archetypal clip seeing the game? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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